Joey Styles Breaks WWE Tradition, Posts Powerful Blog On End of ECW

Akvar MindonesContributor IIIFebruary 16, 2010

In what could only be described as a rather shocking blog posted on WWE Universe, the WWE Website guru Joey Styles discussed his feelings about the end of Extreme Championship Wrestling, and heaped heavy praise on noted creative genius Paul Heyman. That had to be a risky move in the poltically charge World Wrestling Entertainment environment.

In his blog entitled ECW IS DEAD, LONG LIVE ECW, Styles opens up with the statement, I don't blog regularly because I prefer to keep my opinions within WWE. However, as the end of ECW is upon us and I am more passionate about the Original ECW than anything else I ever have been involved in and possibly anything I will ever will be involved in, I thought I would share my feelings on the end of ECW.

Styles also talked about the origins of Heyman's "Extreme" vision, writing The Original ECW, which was the brainchild of pro wrestling revolutionary, Paul Heyman, was inspired  by LL Cool J's music video, "Mama Said Knock You Out!" which was a far cry from the majesty and pageantry of WrestleMania. A Philadelphia newspaper reporter once wrote that being at an Original ECW Arena event "felt like watching something illegal" and that was exactly what we wanted. The Original ECW was designed to be the complete antithesis to WWE.

Styles added, I'll always be thankful to Paul Heyman for creating the Original ECW and giving me the opportunity to begin a career in pro wrestling that lasts to this day and may last for years to come. I'll always be thankful to WWE for resurrecting the Original ECW perfectly at ECW One Night Stand 2005 and inviting me to call the show.

Styles also pointed out he thought the fact WWE was bringing back the brand after the 1st ECW One Night Stand was a bad idea. He wrote I feel both ECW and my announcing career should have been retired after the ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view in 2005. WWE was classy enough to give everyone who was every involved with the Original ECW, all of us who worked for the promotion and the rabid fans who made ECW, the closure we all emotionally craved.
When I heard the success of the ECW One Night Stand 2005 was going to be the catalyst for the re-birth of a WWE owned ECW (or WWECW as we ECW Originals and Original ECW fans called it), I felt strongly that it wasn't going to resonate with WWE or ECW fans. The Original ECW was a gritty and underground pro wrestling alternative to WWE's perfectly produced global entertainment product.

What's most impressive about the blog is how honest Styles is about his emotions towards the original ECW, and how he speaks out against WWE's resurrection of the brand. His praise for Heyman is, no doubt, a bit politcally risky, since Heyman's falling out with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in December 2006 was so bad that Heyman has all but turned his back on the industry he revolutionized.

It's ironic that ECW ends tonight. Eric Bischoff, whose leadership of WCW lead to Nitro beating Raw in the ratings for almost a year and a half but ultimately lead to the demise of the Ted Turner wrestling promotion, is a major part of TNA Wrestling's Hulk Hogan-lead move to Monday nights. That major move, which starts on March 8th, will see TNA Impact go head-to-head against WWE Monday Night Raw from 9 to 11 eastern time every week. The announcement was made official yesterday.

The Monday Night Wars are on again. And ECW is finally laid to rest. And so it goes.