WWE Needs The Fast Pace Tag-Team Action Back

The PhantomCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2010

In the late 90s, and the early part of the century, WWF fans were fascinated with the likes of the Rock, Dx, Stone Cold, and The Undertaker. Who could blame them, they put on great performances and feuds so legendary we compare the present stars to their status each and every week we watch.

But when you get down to the heart and soul of the Attitude Era it was defined by the fast pace tag team action we saw week-in and week-out.

As we all know the current state of WWE Tag Team Division is in a horrible state with individual, single competitors coming together to form short term tag teams for 6 to 7 months. In the company's heyday we saw actual teams being built and created from the ground up.

The Hardy's and E&C ladder match in 1999 began the trend we grew so use to seeing; fast paced high flying tag team match that got the crowd rocking. With the addition of the Dudley’s from ECW we saw tag action get taken to the next level with the classic TLC trilogy.

The feud between the teams created epic matches that rival those in the mainevent. In between all this we had teams like the APA, Kai En Tai, Too Cool, The Headbangers, The New Age Outlaws, and The Oddities. Each team had different styles that mixed well with other teams.

To be honest, the formula the WWE uses today of having individual coming together as tag team has always been around. Triple H and Stone Cold form a brief tag called the Power Trip and let's not forget about The Rock and Sock connection.

The differences between now and then is that WWE creative team was smart enough to create feuds between establish teams like the Hardys and new short term team like the Power Trip.

In the Hardys vs. Power Trip feuds the WWE creative team brought in different aspects like adding Lita and Stephanie into the mix and bringing in the Brothers of Destruction into the feud. It all combined into a nice feud that saw the Hardys actually challenging and holding their own in matches with Stone Cold and Triple H.

If you compare it today, the only tag team in recent memory that could compare to this was Jericho and Big Show. Their feuds with Cryme Time were lack luster and quite boring although they did bring back a certain respect to the Unified titles. But be honest did you expect Cryme Time to win the titles from Jeri-Show?

While at the current moment the WWE tag team division does seem bleak there are things that WWE could do.

1. Team Yoshi Tasu with Funaki

I like the team of Yoshi and Goldust but I think he could be really special with Funaki and could actually see them being a solid high flying tag team.

2. Give the Hart Dynasty a Push

I am a big Matt Hardy fan but no way that he should be beating the Hart Dynasty with a partner as bad as the Great Khali. With the return of Bret Hart it is the perfect time to for the dynasty to shine.

3. Matt Hardy and Evan Bourne

Why this has not happen yet I don’t know, but it makes sense. It would help Evan Bourne get some needed exposure and seem like a good fit while the WWE figures out what they want to do with Matt and Evan

4. Return Of World Greatest Tag Team and The Colons

Shelton Benjamin should return to Smackdown and team with Charlie Hass this time as a face tag team although I prefer it to be heel. Before Carlito becomes a complete joke they should allow the Colons to reunite.


One of the WWE major goal for the program should be building tag teams of the future not just maineventers.


-Phantom Out