Big 12 Football Outlook For 2011

Jacob ThraenContributor IFebruary 15, 2010

SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 30:  Head Coach Bo Pelini of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers looks around after having sport drink dumped on him after their team's 33-0 victory against the University of Arizona Wildcats during the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl, on December 30, 2009 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. (Photo By Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
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The Big 12 has had a team in the National Championship for 2 straight years. Last year Texas and the year before was Oklahoma. Although they both lost, they both raised people's eyebrows and made people notice the Big 12.

The Big 12 South is thought to be the more superior division in the conference. The Big 12 South consists-Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Baylor, and Texas A&M. Over the past decade the two teams that dominated this conference were definately Oklahoma, and Texas.

Oklahoma 2 years ago went to the national championship, but lost. Last season they dissapointed many but they barely made a decent bowl  but won it. Oklahoma finished the season at 8-5. Next season I belive Oklahoma will be better and make a better bowl than the year before. They will finish 9-4. They will finish second in the Big 12 South, behind Texas. Oklahoma reeled in five, five star recruits. One was a Quarterback, named Blake Bell he was ranked number the number 4 Quarterback by Then Corey Nelson, at OLB, he was also ranked the number 4th linebacker by Another five star is Brennan Clay, at RB. He was ranked number 6 and runs a 4.45. They also got two 5 star recievers- Kenney Stills and Justin MCcay. They ranked ninth and tenth.

Last season Texas went to the BCS National Championship. They finished 13-1, with there only lost to Alabama in the National Championship. Next season Texas will definatly not make the National Championship. I think they will be lucky to win 11 games. I guess next season they will be 10-4, and win the Big 12 South but lose in the Big 12 Championship, to Nebraska, due to key losses of Colt Mccoy, and Jordan Shipley. Texas has six, five star recruits. One which is the second ranked defensive end and is the top ranked longhorn. Jordon Hicks is the second ranked longhorn and second ranked OLB. Their only five star wide recievers are Mike Davis and Darius White. Davis is the third ranked reciever in the nation and White is sixth. Their only other 5 stars are Reggie Wilson and Demarco Cobbs.

Oklahoma State has mostly been a top 25 team in the past decade. Although recently they have struggled. Last season they finished 9-4, and made it to the Cotton Bowl but lost to Ole Miss. Next season I am guessing Oklahoma State will finish around 9-4 again. Dispite the 9-4 record I am predicting them to finish third in the Big 12 South behind Oklahoma and Texas. Oklahoma State got no 5 stars and only four, four stars in this year's recruiting. Their top ranked player is shaun Lewis. He is ranked number 7 in the country at OLB, according to They also got the twentieth ranked OLB, Caleb Lavey. There highest ranked running back was Joseph Randle, he was the 21st running back. Their last four star is Chris Dinkins, he was a wide reciever and ranked 41st at his position.

Last season Texas A&M finished 6-7. They made it to the Adovance V100 Independence Bowl, but lost terribly to Georgia by 24 points. My expectations for Texas A&M are very low. I don't see them winning more than 7 games and will not make a bowl next season. Texas A&M, this offseason only brought in one, five star. Also 3 four stars. Their only five star recruit was Jake Matthews, at offensive Guard. He is the number 1 guard in the country. Their only four stars are Nate Askew at Tight End, Cedric Ogbuehi, and Luke Joekul both at offensive tackle.

Texas Tech last season discoverd their head coach Mike Leach was punishing players way to severe for on field struggles. He was latter fired right before there bowl game against Michigan State. Last season Texas Tech finished 8-5. I predict they will one again be 8-5 but not participate in near as good as a bowl. Texas Tech didn't manage to get one five star, and only got three, four stars. There top rated recruit is Scott Young he is the seventh ranked Quarterback. Another four star is Jackson Richards, he is the 28th ranked devensive end, but experts say he is underrated. There last four star is Lawrence Rump, he is also a defensive end, but is only in Junior College.

5. That is the number of wins Baylor had last season. Next year I think they will be even worse, I will give them 4 wins next year. Baylor didn't have any five star recruits, and only one four star.  There only four star is Ahmad Dixon, he is the 10th ranked safety.

The Big 12 North has thought of to be weak in previous seasons. The Big 12 North has not won the Big 12 Championship since 2003. The last national champion was Nebraska, in 1997. The teams in the Big 12 North are-Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, and Colorado.

Nebraska was once thought to be the most feared team in all of football. They won national championships in- 70,71,94,95,97. Nebraska last season was the Big 12 North Champions and had a record of 10-4. I think they will repeat and even win the Big 12 and have a record of 11-3. I think they will also appear in the Fiesta Bowl. Nebraska didn't reel in one, five star but got 6 decent 4 stars. Their top rated recruit was Corey Cooper. He was the 12th ranked corner and is extremely big and fast. Andrew Rodriguez was there second ranked guy. He ranks 13 among offensive tackles. Two other 4 stars are Chase Rome, and Harvey Jackson. Chase is a defensive end, ranked 22 at his position. Harvey is safety and is ranked 27. Mike Moudy and Jemarcus Hardrick are the last 4 stars, both of whome I thought were extremely underated. Mike is an offensive tackle and ranks 30th. Jemarcus is also an O-tackle, but is still in Junior College. I would also like to shout to an impressive 3 star, Jay Guy.

Missouri a season ago finished 9-4 and was a game away from the Big 12 Championship. I am expecting Missouri to go 9-4 again next season again and make it to the Alamo Bowl. Missouri brought in 6 four star recruits but not one five star. Nick Demien is the top rated Tiger and is the fifth ranked O-takle. They also got an impressive Quarterback, James Franklin. He ranks 11th among Quarterbacks. They also got the 12th ranked Quarterback, Taylor Gabbert. Their top rated D-End is Kony Ealy, who ranks 13th. Marcus Lucas a four star reciever ranks 16th and is very impressive. Lucas Vincent rounds off their 4 stars and is ranked 23.

Kansas State finished the year at .500. They did not make a bowl thoe. I belive K-State will be worse in years to come, due to terrible recruiting this season. They didn't get any five stars and only one four star. Their only four star is Kendrall Thompkins. He is a wide reciever, but is still in Junior College. I am predicting rough years ahead for K-State fans.

Kansas last season started great. They won 5 straight games. Then they got to cocky and lost seven straight games. They finished 5-7. They didn't make a bowl game. If I were a Kansas fan I would be very dissapointed in this year's recruiting. Although I do like there hire of Turner Gill as the head Coach. Kansas didn't manage to get a five star recruit. Or a 4 star. If I were a Kansas fan I would be worried. There best recruit is Trent Smilley, a tight end ranked 33.

Iowa State last season won their first bowl in forever. They finished 7-6 and beat Minnesota in the Insight Bowl. I think ISU will make bowl next year again, but lose and have a record of 6-7. They will finish 4th in the Big 12 North. Iowa State had no 5 stars or 4 stars. Their best recruit was Pierre Richardson. He is the 30th ranked Tight End. I belive ISU's recruiting will improve in years to come thoe.

I belive Colorado is the worst team in the Big 12, other than Baylor. Colorado finished last season with just 3 wins. Colorado also had a terrible recruiting class. Colorado's best recruit was their Quarterback who was ranked 42. Colorado did not have one 4 star or five star recruit. I think they will win 4 games next season and finish last in the Big 12 North.

In the Big 12 Championship I belive Nebraska will upset Texas. I think the Big 12 will be back to being the best rated conference in no time. I also belive Nebraska will be a National threat by next season.