Green Bay Packers: 2005 Draft Grade

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Green Bay Packers: 2005 Draft Grade
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When it comes to grading drafts it takes a few years.  It has now been five years since the 2005 NFL draft so it is fair to begin the grading process.  The 2005 draft was very good to the packers.  Of their 11 picks four are still on the team.

Round One Pick 24:  This pick speaks for itself.  Aaron Rodgers thus far has only had two years of playing time but has already established himself as a top tier player.  He was just elected to his first PRO BOWL and expect many more. A+

Round Two Pick 51: Nick Collins, this has turned out to be an extremely good pick. Collins is coming off a great season in which he went to his second straight PRO BOWL, he too can expect to be there again soon.  A+

Round Two Pick 58: This is the biggest disappointment of the draft. Terrence Murphy never really made an impact and is no longer in the NFL. F

Fourth Round Pick 115: Marviel Underwood.  This safety never really achieved anything. F

Fourth Round Pick 125: Brady Poppinga, though never a star has been a solid contributor for the Packers.  He started last season and contributed this season. For a fourth round pick this is solid production. A-

Fifth Round Pick 143: Junius Coston, he never contributed as a starter but added solid depth for some time.  For a fifth round pick this is not bad.  C

Fifth Round Pick 167: The Corner Back Mike Hawkins never really panned out for Green Bay.  F

Sixth Round Pick 180: Michael Montgomery, this has turned out to be a solid pick. Montgomery has never been a dominate player, but a career backup in the sixth is not bad. B+

Sixth Round Pick 195: Craig Bragg was never a successful receiver for Green Bay.  F

Seventh round Pick 245: The LINEBACKER Kurt Campbell never produced for the Packers. F

Seventh Round Pick 246: The guard Will Whittecker never contributed. F

Overall it was a solid Draft.  Green Bay does not have a large percentage of the draft still on their roster, but there are some very notable names.  This draft was a success based on quality not quantity.  Overall the draft gets an A

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