Head To Head? No Sweat, Bring It All To Monday Night Raw!

JaredContributor IFebruary 15, 2010

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 27:  Wrestler Hulk Hogan attends the launch of his book 'My Life Outside the Ring' at Madison Square Garden on October 27, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)
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"its on like Donkey Kong!"

Let's get things rolling with the announcement that unlocked the truth of future plans with TNA wrestling going Monday's full time...official March 8th. Also the 9pm time slot was made official as well, just so you know. 

If you remember correctly the fans witnessed a preview of what was to be made official sometime later, with the January 4th 3 hour show. That night gave wrestling fans a great show between both companies. 

Speaking as a die hard fan myself I'd like to point out that it's a long time coming for me or for anyone who loves the sport, we finally get our "Monday Night Wars 2". You may want some popcorn but let's enjoy what's to come. 

"Who's Next?

Well funny you should ask because the next generation of talent will be joining the cruise of this wonderful ride that leads into the next era of professional wrestling. Monday Nights will prove just that, full throttle my friends! 

Speaking of "who's next?" just who will step up to the plate for either company and maybe perhaps 'walk the plank' or 'roam free?' I say this because with another option many have another place to go perform.

One company doesn't really solve the problem for options so by giving the fans more alternative choice to see, there is an answer for every fan's needs; another show or brand to give your Monday nights a 'full stomach'

"To be or not to be...that is the question"

We've seen in the past that anything is possible and everything can happen. World championship wrestling proved that if you got enough show it off. They succeeded in giving fans hope and a future in the sport.

So....simply put is this going to work or become another 'part of business' for the world wrestling entertainment company? Any fan would say 'fail' if their a wwe die hard but suggest to a wrestling fan period see what they say.

Seriously have you lost your mind? speaking in general what chances do 'total nonstop action' have against a superior company like WWE? Just like any other competition.....a chance. Putting a product on the table, and serving it.

If you decide to check in on the 'head to head' competition each and every week remember one thing; its for the fans to win and nothing else can take that feeling away, nothing can break this bond we got with the sport. 

"The Monday Night Wars Two"

After March 26th, 2001 when WCW was purchased by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and sold by AOL, seemed like the fans lost hope for a future in the industry. It felt very disappointing to see no competition, just one. 

Now considering what was just said that only represents the fan base of those who were loyal fans of the 'enemy' or whatever you wanna call wcw fans. WWE fans on the other hand didn't care or were happy wwe won. 

Michael PS Hayes said & I quote "they did succeed". That referring to Nitro's head to head battle with Raw making wrestling what it is today, something to remember. May not be around but it is never forgotten...ever.

The doubters out there will speculate whatever they choose to and that's just fine with me because hey if you can't see what this epic event will bring then go back to the rock your living under, just my opinion. 

Without Impact on Thursday's will change my channel choices now but hey I can dig it, let the battle begin March 8th, and something else will take the space from where impact was featured before hand. 


What's the meaning of this title? Well for your information if you haven't heard wwe's pay per views are just 'themes', where as TNA has 'names' for their pay per views. What?----WWE is about 'theme', TNA is name. 

"The Choice is Yours"

What will you do come March 8th? Will you consider the other company or watch both or ignore the entire situation, or just pick one and forget the other one completely, with no turning back? Regardless wrestling fans WIN!

For TNA side...win or loose there is no turning back and you now face your biggest step to make the print you wanted this entire time, don't get clumsy. Mistakes happen but disasters are always remembered...sadly.

For WWE side...you been there before you know what your getting into, the environment is the same just different people, what will happen now? Is this "attitude re-birth?"---probably not, do what you do. 

Prepare yourself wrestling fans the time has come to take our rightful place on highly anticipated movement of the "Monday Night Wars 2". One last thing bring the popcorn and go crazy at 9pm  every week! 

"you bring out the best in each other".