Green Bay Packers: Draft Board

Kyle PlumCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2010

Rather than predicting who Green Bay WILL pick, I am listing who they SHOULD pick in my opinion.  

To save time I will not bother listing players completely out of reach at the 23rd pick. For example, Green Bay would love to pick a player like Suh, but it will never happen.  

Green Bay has the 23rd pick and there is much debate on what they should do.  It is hard to say what there biggest need is.  I am suggesting Green Bay simply draft the highest available whoever that might be.  

If all these players are off the board Green Bay should trade down.  

1st round value:

Russell Okung LT (Oklahoma State): I cannot imagine he will be available, but if he for some reason drops he would be a great pick.  

Trent Williams LT (Oklahoma): Likely will not drop this far either.  He has the potential to be a dominant Left Tackle.  

Ricky Sapp OLB (Clemson): Has had injury issues, but could be the dominant rusher Green Bay needs to compliment Matthews.  

Byron Bulaga LT (Iowa):  Many consider this a perfect match for Green Bay.  This athletic Left Tackle from Iowa would fit into Green Bay's zone scheme nicely.  

C.J Spiller RB (Clemson): Not Green Bay's biggest need, not even close, but it would be hard to pass up on such a talent this late in the first.  

Bruce Campbell LT (Maryland): Has had injury problems, but has an incredible combination of size and speed.  He would also be a perfect match in the zone blocking scheme. 

Sergio Kindle OLB (Texas): He is an ideal 3-4 Outside LINEBACKER in my mind. He, like Sapp, could add that much needed explosive pass rush.  

Jerry Hughes OLB (TCU): He is a great athlete which is much needed as a 3-4 Outside LINEBACKER.  Although he would specialize in pass rush, he or whoever Green Bay picks will need to cover the pass as well.  

Brandon Graham OLB (Michigan): He had an incredible senior bowl showing, but his lack of athleticism does not fit well with Outside LINEBACKER.  

Sean Weatherspoon OLB/ILB (Missouri):  He has the Athleticism like Hughes and could make an instant impact on Green Bay's defense.  

Charles Brown LT (USC): He is a great athlete for a Left Tackle and he has huge potential. He is a bit of a risk though because of his size.  

Taylor Mays FS/SS (USC): I am not a huge fan of Mays, but if he is available at the 23rd spot and there is no other clear pick it would be a solid choice.  Bigby is good, but he has injury issues and having Mays would make the defense much more athletic.   

Derrick Morgan OLB (Georgia Tech): He lacks the quickness of players like Hughes and Weatherspoon, but he would be a great OLB.  He has great experience rushing the passer, and could do it very well for Green Bay

2nd round values:

Javid Best RB (Cal):  Likely not available at the 55th spot, but would add explosion to Green Bay's offense and special teams.  

Kyle Wilson CB (Boise State):  His stock has been on the rise and if still available he could be the player to replace the aging corners in Green Bay.

Patrick Robinson CB (Florida State): He too could be the future of Green Bay's secondary.

Vladimir Ducasse OT (Massachusetts):  People are high on this player and he could turn out to be a great value in the 2nd and could sure up Green Bay's line.  

Tyson Alualu DE (Cal): He would be a perfect as a 3-4 End, and Green Bay, depending on this off season, might really need more depth.  Between Jolly's legal issues and Harrell's injury issues there are more questions than answers at the Left Defensive End.

Dexter McCluster RB/WR (Ole Miss):  He could add a lot of versatility for Green Bay, and add to explosiveness to the run game.   

Javier Arenas CB (Alabama): Coming from Alabama he could prove to be a great pick to help Green Bay's sound secondary.  

Perish Cox CB (Oklahoma): another solid option for Green Bay.  

Jason Fox LT (Miami): If no Tackle is taken in the first he would be a logical 2nd round choice.

Selvish Capers LT (West Virginia): possesses great athleticism and is an early 2nd round talent.  

Chad Jones SS (LSU): He could be a good selection here.  He would, like Mays, increase the athleticism of the Packers defense.   

Third Round Value:

Mike Johnson OG (Alabama): He could replace the struggling Colledge.  

Matt Tennant C (Boston College): The Packers might take an upgrade over wells in the third.  This would also free Spitz up to potentially replace Colledge.  

Daryl Washington ILB (TCU): Nick Barnett is getting older and the futures of Hawk and Bishop are in question so the added depth would be appreciated. 

Donavon Warren CB (Michigan): Another Option to fill the CB need.  

4th Round Value: 

T.J Ward SS (Oregon): If the SS need is not filled earlier the 4th round might be a logical spot to fill the need of a SS.  

Myron Rolle SS (Florida St.): He is catapulting up draft boards, so might not be available here despite taking a year off from football.

Jeremy Williams WR (Tulane): Green Bay only has four quality receivers and Driver is getting older. Picking a WR from a small school such as Tulane is always a good option. Jennings, Driver, and Jones are all from smaller schools.

Erik Decker WR (Michigan): He has good size which Green Bay is lacking.  He could fill the 5th spot as a rookie and work his way up through his career.  

5th Round Value: 

O'Brian Schofield OLB (Wisconsin): His stock was rising rapidly until he tore his ACL.  He would have likely been selected in the 2nd, and in my belief one injury does not justify his stock drop. He has played both DE and OLB so he will be prepared to play OLB. 

Myron Lewis CB (Vanderbilt): He would be a great steal in the 5th probably replacing Bush.  

Garret Graham TE/FB (Wisconsin): His stock has been dropping so Green Bay might reach for the Wisconsin product. He would add depth to TE and FB allowing Green Bay to let Kuhn and possibly Donald Lee go.  

6th Round Value: 

Earl Mitchel DT (Arizona): He could add much needed depth at left DE for Green Bay.  

Marcus Easley WR (Conneticut): He has a great combination of size and speed and could fill the 5th spot as a rookie and move up during his career.  

Pat Angerer ILB (Iowa): He has great athleticism for an ILB and would be a solid pick in the 6th.  

Cameron Sheffield OLB (Troy): He could turn out to be an underrated talent because he is from Troy.  

7th Round Value: 

Zoltan Mesko P (Michigan): Green Bay has not had a great punter in a long time, and a punter is the most likely pick to contribute to a team as a 7th round pick. 

Brent Bowden P (Virginia Tech): Another possibility.  

Verren Tucker WR (Cal): Receivers often are late gems and he could be this year's surprise.  He might even contribute to the return game. 

Trindon Holiday Return Specialist (LSU): It seems like every team wants him in the 7th, so he might be taken earlier.  But if he is available he would add a spark to the return game and could at least contribute as a WR or even in the "WildCat"


I will update this after the combine, but for now if Green Bay were to use this board I believe they would have a very successful draft. 


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