The Chase for 2011 Running Back Kevin Monangai

Warren LentContributor IFebruary 15, 2010

Kevin Monangai is the first running back I have evaluated for the 2011 recruiting class. His film was a great way to start evaluating the nation’s top running backs.

Monangai attends Seton Hall prep in New Jersey and thrives in the system there. On his tape, the offensive formations were almost all triple option packages. Monangai set up as the back closest to the quarterback in almost every situation. Usually this position is used for very short yardage gains, but Monangai thrived in this position because of an amazing combination of speed and power.

For a 5’11” running back, he is able to squat about 405 pounds. His game tape shows the trips to the weight room paid off. On every handoff, Kevin has the ability to break to the outside and subsequently make a huge play.

Because his school's offense has such a tight formation, Monangai must be able to stiff arm and break as many tackles as possible. His balance as a running back is astounding and his stiff arm ability is about as good as it gets. I haven’t seen a kid who loves the stiff arm as much as Mr. Monangai does.

In addition to the stiff arm, Monangai uses his low center of gravity to run right through defenders. At times in his film, it took about nine players to take down the back. That alone would make him a great bruiser for any D-1 school, but he also has another trait to add to his repertoire: His breakaway speed.

The running back can stiff arm an opponent and yet with his amazing balance and speed, he can separate himself from the swarm of defenders.

Verdict: With another year to prove him to even greater college programs I believe that Kevin will only get better in the offseason and during the season. Although at this point he seems invulnerable and has amazing stamina, I predict that he will commit to one of his many schools early on in the football season. With this tactic, Monangai has the ability to rest up if his team is not living up to expectations. He is a great back with incomparable potential in almost any system in college football. The summer programs he visits this summer should tell us more headed into his senior year.

College Choices: Boston College, Rutgers, Cincinnati


Grade: A-