Cleveland & L.A In The Finals? I Say Yes!

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Cleveland & L.A In The Finals? I Say Yes!
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OK I know some of you think this premature....... OK so it is a little premature. But Cavs are #1 in the East right now. I know they were #1 last year then they lost to the Magic but now they have Shaquille O'neal who can shut down Dwight "Superman" Howard in the low post. Then you think about it the Cavs have the point guard in the game today! No it's not Mo Williams but it's Lebron James who if you watched has pretty much played point guard. There is also discussion of a possible trade that will send Amare Stoudamire to Cleveland. If that trade doesn't go threw the Cavs might go after the Wizards Antwan Jamison who in my opinion will fit better with the Cavs because he can stretch out defenses with his 3-point shooting.

Now Look at the Lakers they have won 3 straight games against The Blazers, Spurs, & the Jazz all on the road without Kobe Bryant! They just have so much depth With Gasol,Odom,Artest,Farmar,& Brown they can probably win the west easily. But of course they will need Kobe in the playoffs if they expect to get to the championships. I can think of only two teams that could stop the Lakers. Denver & (believe it or not) the Memphis Grizzilies who have shown that they can be a pain in the Lakers backside. 

Now who wins? Well it was a hard choice but I will pick............The Cavs! IF they get Leon Powe back then they will have more depth and with Lebron James playing spectacular basketball they look like a championship team to me. Also with Boston declining,Orlando not really showing they can be a threat, and Atlanta has showed signs of there of there inexperience. The Cavs may have a easier road.

Prediction: Cavs win in 6 Lebron James & Shaq Co- Finals MVP's

Also to conclude to this article I would like to thank my brother Gregory Maurer on giving me the idea to write about who I Thought (and who he thought also) would be in the Finals and who would win it. I also wanna thank the people who have read all 39 of my articles and this one which is my 40th article.

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