Knicks-Nuggets: First Half Carnival

Harris Beringer@harrisberingerAnalyst INovember 7, 2007

Icon7:40 Knicks have started out strong.  They boast a 9-2 lead after two sweet shots by QRich, an alley oop from Marbury to Curry, and a jump shot from Randolph.

7:46 Jamal Crawford took a heavily contested shot.  It was short, off the rim, fell near Curry, who did not grab the rebound.  I predict Camby will haul in around 34 rebounds tonight.

7:47 Bad pass from Crawford.  He'll have a bad game.  Whenever I see Jamal Crawford's decision-making, I am reminded of Kenny from South Park.  Each episode Kenny died, but was replaced with a new Kenny who was living life for the first time.  It always looks like Jamal Crawford is playing basketball for the first time, with nothing learned from previous games.

7:49 Knicks now down 11-14 after initially leading 9-2.

7:58 David Lee, 3 point play.  It's always funny to watch his spastic movements.  Of course, he's rocking the curly hair and facial hair.  He must have seen a picture of me as soon as he arrived in NY.

8:01 Kleiza nails a 3.  This may have been more deflating than his earlier dunk.  The Knicks look like they want to go home.

8:04 Quick back to back baskets for the Knicks: Lee backs down Iverson and lays it in lefty.  Marbury dashes in for a layup.  New York Knicks- a model of inconsistency.

8:05 Knicks down 37-32 at the end of the first quarter.  I knew they weren't known for their defense, but this is a little ridiculous.

8:10 Curry catches a lob high in the air, banks it in.  37-34

8:12 That was fast.  44-34, Nuggets lead.

8:16 Najera just hit a three, embarrassing all of New York. 47-35.

8:18 Crawford just took one of the worst shots ever, missed badly, and Najera returned with a layup on the other side. 50-35.  The Nuggets are running a clinic.

8:19 Crawford decided to jump at the basket as he was falling, and fortunately made the layup, plus the foul.

8:20 Najera hit another three.  He must have spent his summer in Mexico shooting threes all day. 

8:21 Stephon "I don't care if we win a championship" Marbury at the line, thinking "I'll be in Italy soon." 50-39.

8:22.  Curry catches another pass under the basket.  Since he was defended, he looked pretty clueless and tossed the ball at the basket as he moved away.  Drew the foul, but he should have gone up strong for a dunk.  Nene has bad knees.

8:23 And 1 Melo.

8:28 Q Rich misses both free throws, but the Knicks get the basket, 55-50.

8:34 Knicks pulled to within 2.  Then Najera missed a layup, Marbury tried a pass to Curry, Curry watched the pass go by him and out of bounds.

8:35 Love connection, Marbury and Curry team for 2 points.

8:37 Allen Iverson is way too fast, blows by every other player to pick up a bad pass from Randolph and lay it in uncontested.

8:38 Halftime, 66-60 Nuggets lead.

Overall, I'd say the Knicks offense looked pretty good, but Denver plays a breakneck pace that can make any offense look good.  Unfortunately, the Knicks hardly made any stops.  As highlighted by Iverson outrunning QRich easily, the Knicks are way too slow to win at this pace.  For the second half, they need to limit the poor decisions and attack the basket more.

Update: The Knicks won.  How? They had no turnovers in the fourth quarter, played tough defense, and made smart decisions.  It helped that Nene fouled out and Iverson hurt his lip.


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