How Duke Can Win It All This Year

Bob DavisContributor IFebruary 14, 2010

CHAPEL HILL, NC - FEBRUARY 10: North Carolina guard Larry Drew II #11 looks for a pass against Duke forward Mason Plumlee #5 during a men's college basketball game at Dean Smith Center on February 10, 2010 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. (Photo by Chris Keane/Getty Images)
Chris Keane/Getty Images

There are many critics that say this years Duke team can't win a National Championship and depending on what Coach K does, this may or may not be true.  But I have the formula on how Duke can cut down the nets in April.  Anyone interested in knowing how?

Duke has the players to play with any team in the country, if Coach K will use his personal right.  I love Coach K, but recently his coaching has not been up to par.  His unwillingness to develop his young freshman players is starting to get on out hand.  If you aren't going to let your freshman play, then redshirt them!  I will give you an example.  Kyle Singler played vital minutes in his freshman year and look at what he did his next year.  He was able to get out there and learn and grow.  This only made him more ready to battle the next year.  Whereas Miles Plumlee didn't play at all last year and now is not as far along as he should be.  Just think of how dominating he would be if he would have played 16 minutes a game last season.  So first K needs to develop his young players.  Now 2nd, there are 5 players on Duke's team that can play with anybody in the nation.  The starting line up should be:  Scheyer, Smith, Singler, Miles and Mason.  Not only does this line up create mismatches with pure size, but this the ability to run the floor.  Four out of the five can dribble the length of the court.  With them starting, and playing 30-35 minutes a game(on average) this would leave vital minutes for the great "role" players that Duke has.  Thomas and Zoubek could provide good back up minutes and with Kelly in the mix, he could help the previous two with offense.  Now with Thomas and Zoubek playing 20 minutes a game and Kelly playing 10-15, our post game would be a top five front court.  Keep in mind Kelly can also play the three spot providing rest for Singler.  Let's don't forget Dawkins who can shoot lights out.  With him playing at least 10-15 minutes a game, this team would be a force to be reckoned with.  The last eight years Duke teams have looked tired come tourney time and this is strictly because the limited use of bench players.  With the afore mentioned rotation, the BIG Three would be rested and ready come March.  The post players would be primed and ready to battle against Kansas, Kentucky, and Villanova.  This is the key to Duke winning it's 4th championship.

Not only will this solution provide help for this year, but recruits will be dying to come to Duke because they know that they can come in and make a difference right off the bat.  Please if anyone know's Coach K's email, send him this article.  Go Duke.