Jesus Montero, The Rising Star For The Yankees

Lucas WeickCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2010

The young 20 year old catcher from Venezuela is poised to make a big impact for the Yankees in the future, maybe even this season.

His offensive skills are unrivaled by any other prospect in the Yankees farm system and will likely carry him to the bright lights of the Bronx some day in the near future. The only question is where will he play?

While his offensive skills are rarely seen at the catcher position, his defensive skills behind the plate are a little less desirable. He has been working out at first base as well. 

But unfortunately he is behind a log jam of players already in the Bronx. Mark Teixeira has settled in nicely at first base, plus he has another seven years on his contract to play out, so a starting first base job is eliminated.

But he could split time with Jorge Posada behind the plate and eventually take his place when Jorge, the ageless wonder, decides to hang it up. But that won't be for a couple of years, as he is signed through the 2011 season, and Jorge shows no signs of slowing down at 38 years old.

So where is he going to get some major playing time?

Well he doesn't have outstanding defensive skills at any one position, and I don't see Nick Johnson being the long term DH for the Yanks, so that's exactely where I would put him.  On the other hand, you still hate to take up the DH spot with such a young player, especially on a team that has some ageing players like the Yankees do.

But all along it has been his offensive capabilities that have carried him up through the farm system and someday to Yankee Stadium, quite possibly this year, as he has been invited to big league camp this Spring. 

Well whenever he does arrive and wherever he plays, he is sure to become an offensive force for the Yankees in his bright, bright future.