Punk and Crew Are Hypocrites With Holier Than Thou Attitudes

lee raydeanCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2010

At a match on Smackdown, featuring CM Punk and Rey Mysterio, things got out of hand. Rey and Punk were nearly deadlocked.

The match was going back and forth and there were many attempted pinfalls. Just when one would get the other down for a pin, they would recover and the match would continue.

It was a hard fought match. Neither superstar would give in. Then it happened, Punk went for the GTS but Mysterio countered and pinned Punk...1...2...3. It was over. Rey had won the match.

According to Punk and his Straightedge Society, this was far from over. Luke Gallows and Selena (Punk's girlfriend, perhaps?) jumped into the ring at Punk's command. I have never seen anyone take as much abuse as Rey did that night.

Gallows was pummeling him, and the Sinead O'Connor wannabe was kicking him. There "saviour" got on his knees and had Gallows put the unconscious Mysterio on his shoulders and he applied the GTS.

Couldn't Punk just let things go and leave the ring with no further incident? Guess it's not in the wrestling handbook, at least not Punk's.

He says that he has no addictions, but he does. He isn't a good example at all. Punk wants people to be saved by him (like God does) and wants to be praised. 

He enjoys tormenting people, seeing them suffer. That's a good role model? Is that what a saviour does? His addiction is handing out pain. His addiction is his ego; he has a huge one and wants all the praise and glory.

Punk does have a good gimmick, but he is over stepping his boundaries on how much punishment he gives out. On how much one person deserves to get.

He sports long hair and beard now (has been for a while) and has Sinead O' Connor up at him with adoring eyes and he kisses her hand. Ok theres another addiction, lust.

I know someone will say that lust isn't an addiction, but it is. Punk doesn't mind if Selena drools all over him, but its wrong if someone else does it.

I'm sorry, I got off track there but I'm okay now.  Had to get that off of my chest. Are we going to see a rivalry coming up for Rey and Punk?

In my opinion, I think there should be one. Maybe even a triple threat with Gallows in on it too, just to keep it interesting.

Maybe Punk can give Selena more doting time and leaving Gallows out a little and Luke rebels against it. They can cook up with something along those lines.

So another Smackdown has come and gone. Next week promises to be exciting. Stay tuned in to see future articles. Thank you for taking the time to read this.