NBA Finals: LeBron James and Shaq Bound After 13 Straight?

Tuviere AkpogheneContributor IFebruary 14, 2010

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on a row, literally with 13 victories in a row.

Theyare doing it in a dominant fashion with Lebron James , whose beginning to look like the best player in the NBA—though Kobe Bryant might have something to say about that—read: Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James: Is Bryant Better Overall?

LeBron v Kobe is an argument that will go on for as long as these guys are playing, but the race for MVP is definitely not up for discussion this season, as Lebron has clearly wrapped that sucker up again.

As good as the Cavs have been half way through the season, they are still not the best team in the league. Their current 13 game winning streak really is not that impressive either; given the teams that the Cavs have be flexing their muscles at—New Jersey, New York, Memphis, LA Clippers, Indiana, Minnesota.

When they are not playing the leagues bottom feeders, Cleveland is playing teams coming off back to back games, like Miami twice and Orlando, who was playing for the fourth time in five nights.

Adding to playing bad teams and road weary opponents, the Cavs have had lots of rest inbetween games this season. They haven't had to play lots of games on back-to-back nights and they have also played most of their games at home.

I guess you can’t blame the Cavs for scheduling, but I find it premature that we are already celebrating this team as the best team in the league, given their body of work.

They head into the All Star break in the midst of a franchise-record-tying 13 game winning streak, and with the best record in the NBA, but the goal for this team has been clear since the season began: win a championship.

To do that though, you must be the last team standing in the Eastern Conference playoffs, and as the Cavs saw last year their biggest obstacle is the Orlando Magic.

The Cleveland Cavaliers fans excitement with the four wins over the Lakers and the Magic—two teams they struggled against last year—might be a little bit premature.

The two wins against the Lakers were against a shorthanded Laker team with an injured Kobe Bryant. Mentioned above, the win on Thursday night was against an exhausted Magic team playing for the fourth time in five nights.

This is a long season and wins like these can really help decide who gets home field advantage in the playoffs and NBA Finals.

LeBron said it best after the Magic game, “We swept San Antonio in the regular season (in 2007), then got to the finals and they swept us in the finals,” James said. “You want to win those games, of course. What you do in the regular season is good, but once the playoffs start, everyone is 0-0.”

My sentiments exactly. The Cavs have always been hot ever since LeBron rolled into town. Cleveland's made some good showings in the Playoffs and the NBA Finals, but can never seem to get over the hump.

Some believe Shaq might be the solution and in the rematch of last season’s Eastern Conference finals, O’Neal, who had 10 points and six rebounds made a huge difference for Cleveland. (Read more: Shaq is Superman and Dwight? )

So Is Shaq the missing link for this group of guys? He has made both the Lakers and the Magic’s big men work twice as hard and has helped deliver victory in both cases.

I guess you can say he has proven to be an important piece of the puzzle, but is this the piece the King needs to win it all in June?  Is this the piece the Cavs need to keep the King in town in front of all of his witnesses?

We just have to wait and see.

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