A Terrible Smackdown! Saved By Three Men: Undertaker, Edge and Jericho

Luke AdamsonCorrespondent IIFebruary 14, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  World Heavyweight Champion Edge puts a knee to the head of Batista during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

It has finally happened. For nine months Smackdown! has been outclassing Raw each and every week with fresh superstars, great feuds and matches. But that streak came to an end this week.

  WWE this week put on a very solid show in Raw, that really started painting a picture for perhaps what Wrestlemania will look like this year. On Smackdown! however it was like they were trying to fill the time with adverts and terrible segments. We had two doses of WWE's latest live tour. A video package on Ted DiBiase. A Raw rebound (which in fairness we always have). Plus of course the usual PPV hype.

My main gripe though is not that. My gripe was the booking. The show started with a decent match between Mysterio and Punk. My question is this: Why is Mysterio rated so highly? He practically never wins with a finisher, it is always a roll up. The man needs a finisher that can pin people, and that finisher is not the 619. Why on earth would he beat CM Punk? Punk has been losing more often than winning as of late. He is no longer a big threat to the title, he is in the opening segments of every Smackdown! and he always ends up getting beat. Is this the man that forced Jeff Hardy out of the WWE? Is this the first three time straight edge world champion?

I hate to say this and I know most people reading won't like it, but the Straight Edge Society is destroying Punk. The man works much better on his own, and would be a real contender for the world title without them. I like Serena, but Gallows belongs in TNA with all the other rejects. The man looks pathetic. Punk has the potential to be WWE's top heel and here he is jobbing to mid-carder Mysterio. Undertker destroyed Mysterio at Royal Rumble, so what does this say about Punk getting beaten fairly easily be Mr. Over-rated? The attack after the match did not save this segment.

Next up was Drew McIntyre. I have never liked him but I thought he had promise in the business. Well on Smackdown! he proved me wrong. What in  the name of all that's holy was that new entrance music? It was the most boring piece of music I have ever heard. I actually quite liked his old theme, but this one does nothing to create heat for Drew, it just sends the audience to sleep. Then he got on the mic and delivered the most boring monotone promo I have ever heard. The guy can go in the ring, but his charisma is currently on a level with Charlie Haas.

The divas section of Smackdown! was actually one of the best on the show. The cake on Guerrero was a nice touch as she came out to her usual massive heat. It also kept McCool in the running for the title. What happened to the mandatory rematch? Another question is where was Beth Phoenix? She made animpact at the Rumble and last week on Smackdown!, yet this week she is nowhere to be seen.

Then came the most ridiculous part of the show, the Batista segment. This basically involved watching a man wonder in and out the ring for ten minutes, saying nothing and then leaving. Is this supposed to create heat WWE? It did nothing for Batista and was another waste of time.

Then that segment was followed by another equally bad one. Why is Matt Hardy still teaming with Khali? If I were WWE I would release Khali immediately. Even worse was that they faced the Hart Dynasty who are simply too good to be facing made up tag teams. They should be challenging for the world tag titles. It seems as if Bret's return has seen them move down the ladder not up it. Even worse was the fact that they lost, I mean come on.

Then we had Morrison vs. Truth where Morrison supposedly broke his ankle. It has since been revealed as a work. Why? Why WWE would you do this?  This was potentially a good match, and if you wanted to save Morrison and Truth for the chamber then why not just leave them of the card instead of wasting even more time.

Then came the saving grace. The main-event. Chris Jericho vs. Undertaker was a great match, and speaking as an Undertaker fan, I was actually delighted that Jericho beat him. Its about time! Jericho has been a jobber this year, but perhaps now he can re-establish himself in the main-event again, the only place where he belongs. The issue between Undertaker and Edge also meant that Edge is still a tweener. I can only hope he turns heel. But I would perhaps predict an Undertaker involvement next week when Edge faces silent man Batista.

Well there you have it. I must admit I was shocked by this weeks Smackdown! after nine months of pure gold. Hopefully it was just a blip, and next week normal service will be resumed on the road to Wrestlemania.