Seattle Sonics: The Beginning of Many Dark, Dark Days

Casey McLain@caseymclain34Senior Analyst IJuly 2, 2008

I’m disgusted.

David, Howard, Clay, Greg...this is a chore.

I love to write, I do. But right now it feels like my fingers are attached to 100-pound weights, one of which is also sitting in my gut.

Oklahoma City residents, I hold no resentment toward you. Just know that when you watch Kevin Durant put on his OKC (insert name)’s jersey for the first time, that you are watching my team.

This is like having a girl cheat on you. I can’t be mad at the guy (OKC)—for all he knew she was single.

I’ll move on, no threat from me, man. Enjoy her, treat her well, and don’t take her for granted.

With that, I’ll move onto the guys I will blame.

David Stern, you are an idiot. Your disregard for Seattle resembles that of a bitter 14-year-old girl.

Why would you take a team out of the 13th largest media market (Seattle) with questions about their financial and legislative viability, and move them into the 45th largest media market, only to hint at bringing a team back to Seattle?  Tell me that.

If a Seattle team is bound to fail, evidenced by your actions, what’s the difference if it is the Grizzlies, Kings, or an expansion team?

Does it really make sense that a team with 41 years of history would fail in your eyes, but a team with absolutely no history, a team already tripped at the starting gate toward success, would fare better?

Are you ****ing kidding me?

Howard, oh Howard, you dirty, slimy bastard. It is hard to root for you, but I want you to win your lawsuit. I want you to keep the Sonics in Seattle. However, even if you win your lawsuit and keep the team in Seattle, I hope that you never again see a peaceful day in that city.

I haven’t bought a thing from Starbucks since you sold the team, and I hope that Seattle’s sports fans perpetuate my sentiment, and rid our area of your tainted product.

Clay Bennett, I can’t blame you. You brought a team to your hometown, and some part of that is honorable. Unfortunately, my heart won’t let me view you as anything but a crook, a thief, and a villain.

Finally, Greg Nickels, Christine Gregoire, and the entire Seattle legislature. You’re an absolute, complete, and collective joke.

You sorry excuses for politicians, you apathetic, self-serving, disgusting individuals, I’d like to thank you for cutting a gigantic hole in the once-beautiful tapestry that was Seattle.  

Seattle isn’t a natural sports town. Many of its residents are transplants, and understandably hold allegiances to other sports franchises. However, the sports culture of Seattle natives has simply reflected its government.

The utter and complete mishandling of the entire Sonics situation is appalling. Even Bennett’s ridiculous arena plan would have had little to no effect on Seattle residents.

An extension of hotel, car rental, and restaurant tax would have affected the average Seattle resident at a rate of $3.50 per $100 spent at a restaurant, and clearly very little on the others.

However, a lack of legislative backing against I-91, which banned all viable tax subsidies used for sports arenas, was one of the first critical mistakes, and a terminal blow to the Sonics' chances of remaining in Seattle.

The fact is that even Bennett’s ridiculous plan, and it was ridiculous, would have created no new tax, but simply extended present taxes.

Most of that would have been off-set by the jobs that the city retained and created in building a new arena and keeping the team local.

So as I sit here, listening to KJR-AM, my local sports radio station, listening to grown men call in crying or on the verge of tears, hosts barely able to compose themselves, my heart is broken.

We’re so emotionally invested in this team, and in all likelihood they are gone. Eventually the knot in my stomach will subside, but for now, I am disgusted.

I'll be taking a few days off of sports entirely. SEATTLE Sonics fans, stay strong.

Thank you Reign Man, Big Smooth, The Glove, the rest, and Kevin Collabro. I love you guys.


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