Isiah Thomas: The New York Knickerbocker's Savior?

Rufus NavarroContributor IJuly 2, 2008

Everyone says that Isiah Thomas ruined the Knicks, I say "no he didn't!" In the long run, the Isiah era will prove to be beneficial for the city of New York.

He's the one that got them David Lee! He's the most promising player on the team; the most promising white American player in the NBA, for that matter. He got them Nate Robinson. Robinson will prove to be a good point guard in the future to build around.

Thomas loaded the Knicks with talent and nobody can claim otherwise.

Zach Randolph, Eddy Curry, and Steph Marbury are all great players in their own way. It just hasn't worked out so far.

The Knicks are preparing for the year 2010 when Lebron comes to town. He got rid of Stevie Franchise, who was part of the big problem. Now, they have a great coach, Mike Dantonio, and a new executive, Donny Walsh, which will help lead them to the “Promise Land.”

He can run with Dantonio, and the Knicks, mark my words, will run away from the bottom of the Atlantic Division and get in the playoffs. Danny Galinari will become the next Dirk.

Isiah built a team that can contend in the east for a while, and in time eventually win them a title. Even though he is not in charge, Isiah laid the foundation for the team of the future.

They may not win it next year, but Isiah is getting more crap then he deserves.