WWE Gives Us Hope With Matt Hardy and Maria Kanellis Storyline

Mattitude FollowerContributor IFebruary 13, 2010

If you watched Smackdown on this past Friday, February 12, Matt Hardy scored a big win over the Hart Dynasty again. He’s been forced to carry the Great Khali through a respectable tag team, but its worked out nicely as Matt is always the one to gain the pin-fall.


But the big news was what happened before the match. Matt began an on-screen relationship with Maria Kanellis, the 2008 Slammy Award winner for Diva of the Year. Maria is the most popular diva right now, and pushing her just makes sense for the WWE. The problem is that she isn’t as good of a wrestler as Mickie James and Michelle McCool.


So the best decision would be to pair her with Matt Hardy, and push him to the top. That way, the WWE can push an underrated and overlooked superstar, and Maria can be considered a top diva by association with Matt. Maria’s last relationship with Dolph Ziggler didn’t do much, but she was romantically linked with John Cena and later Jeff Hardy on RAW, when they were getting big pushes.


Ever since his brother, Jeff Hardy left the WWE, Matt has had no direction other than jobbing. They had a built-in feud with CM Punk he could have had, but instead they just used him to help Punk get more heat. That’s a compliment to Matt that the creative knows he can give heels more heat, but it’s not fair that he’s had to job week in and week out to CM Punk, Batista, Luke Gallows and Eric Escobar. Escobar did nothing in the WWE except beat Matt Hardy, that’s not fair at all for someone like Matt.


If you watched the Royal Rumble, Matt Hardy had the shortest time. Now he’s stuck in a team with one of the worst wrestlers of all-time. But all that seems like it’s in the past, Matt Hardy will move on from the Royal Rumble, away from the Great Khali, and unlock his destiny to become World Heavyweight Champion! Matt and Maria for the win!