NBA Free Agency?

Casey McLain@caseymclain34Senior Analyst IJuly 2, 2008

Well, Basketball season has started and David Stern is racking up a list of things for me to bitch about, but, for some reason, next season's free agency is on my mind.

It is a highly possible that after this season, I will be an NBA free agent.

I have grown up as a Seattle Supersonics fan.

There is a good chance that the Sonics will move to Oklahoma City at the end of the season.

So, Here is where I find myself: I have talked to several people about whether or not they will still watch the NBA, still be fans of the Sonics, or simply what they will do to fill their time that was previously filled by Sonics games.

At first, I wondered "could I ever get rid of this teams place in my heart?"

Then I thought, "did/will Howard Schultz/Clayton Bennett think about that before they made a decision?"

To that question, I came up with a simple answer. No.

With that said if the Sonics move to Oklahoma, I would be looking for a new favorite basketball team. I am open to suggestions; however, there are a few teams I cannot choose.

I cannot be a fan of a team that has won a championship in the last five seasons; I don't want to be considered a band-waggoner.

I would love to be a fan of University of Washington product Brandon Roy's Portland Trailblazers, and if they ended up in Seattle at some point, all bets would be off, and they would claim my favorite spot, however, as of now, Portland is still the enemy.

I could not be a fan of the Knicks, for obvious reasons.

So, readers, I am pondering free agency, give me a reason to pick your team.