SuperSonics: For the City of Seattle, It Was All About the Benjamins

Kenny SteinCorrespondent IJuly 2, 2008

I only have five minutes to write this before I have to go, but let me say a few things about the Seattle—scratch that—Oklahoma Supersonics.


To the city: How dare you pick money over everything.  How dare you lead on the fans and waste taxpayer dollars on a trial that you had no intention of winning.  The ONLY reason that you went to trial and dragged it on this far was so you could squeeze as much money out of Clay Bennett as possible.

Don't get me wrong—I wanted Clay to pay, but not in $.  I wanted him to pay in that he goes back where he came from empty-handed.  I don't care if you got $75 million or $75 billion—that doesn't do ME or any of the FANS any good.

This is a city and community, and you aided in ripping away a part of that without any conscience of how it would affect the people that voted (but not this year) for you.


To Clay Bennett: Good for you—you got your team.  I think that any rich person in any town without a sports franchise that wanted one would have done the same thing.  I can't blame you for that.

But you are a filthy liar, and you aren't getting what you deserve.  You deserve to get lied to by somebody else and have them rip a team out from under you.  Then you'll know what I feel like right now.  You deserve pain, and heartache, and the feeling of being royally cheated.


To Howard Schultz: Good luck with your trial.  It's the only shot you have to ever be accepted in this city again.

You bought a team without any commitment to making it through the rough times or getting an arena deal, and you quickly flipped it to a person you KNEW was lying and you KNEW had real intentions of moving the team.  It doesn't matter when he was going to do it—you knew it was going to happen.


To the media: Thanks for nothing.  Any inkling of the Cubs being sold, and it's all over SportsCenter, Around the Horn, and PTI.  But the Sonics are gone now, and nobody even had any idea what was going on outside of the Pacific Northwest.

Maybe a little public outcry could have helped a little, but how can you have public outcry when the public had no idea?  Sorry we aren't the Yankees and Red Sox.  We'll try better next time—if there is one.


To David Stern:  You're like the friend that makes moms say, "Well, if he's going to act like that, he was never your friend to begin with."  You run a corrupt league, so why should Bennett having you in his back pocket be any different?

With Bennett as the owner, you said, "Key Arena is not a viable NBA arena."  Now that's it over with, you state that if the NBA is to return to Seattle, "there must be a deal in place to renovate Key Arena."  So before it wasn't good enough to even renovate, and now it's got to be the place?

You are a smug, arrogant, stupid little man—I hope you get what you deserve.