Huelsman's Time Has Come and Gone

Ezri SilverCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2010

NEW YORK - JANUARY 13: Kurt Huelsman #41 of the Dayton Flyers lines up a free throw against the Fordham Rams at Madison Square Garden on January 13, 2010 in New York, New York.  (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)
Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

The Dayton Flyers are on the balance beam.  Any longtime Dayton fan knows this is where the Flyers have lived and breathed.  As a middle child team—neither a mid-major nor a BCS conference team—the Flyers have lived in respected anonymity.

2010 was to be different.  After a second round exit against a clearly superior Kansas team (which may win the national championship this year), Dayton fans were salivating with the thought that a 2010 team may bring the early '80s lore of teams long since forgotten.

Dayton fans know that, like the New Orleans Saints, the Flyers not only represent a university—but a city.  Dayton is a larger, more passionate version of the Hickory, Indiana high school made famous nationally by the movie Hoosiers.

Where does passion take you?  To be passionate and to believe that each player is part of your at-large family (ironic in that Dayton is looking at an at-large bid).  This makes the following statement even more difficult to state—it is time for Kurt Huelsman to graduate. 

Not the end of his senior year, not academically, but athletically.  The Dayton media would never say this but it is time to face the fact: Kurt has peaked and those behind him on the bench are passing him.

Devon Searcy has evolved from a lanky, uncoordinated prospect to a solid compliment to Chris Wright.  Searcy is pacing Kurt bucket for bucket since the St. Joseph's wake up call.

While Kurt is in his final year and has been a consistent contributor, it is time to not only think about a respectable 2010 post season but 2011 emergence where Searcy takes over for Huelsman.

Searcy is more agile, more skilled, and has made more progress in the past year and a half than Kurt.  While Kurt has generally been consistent since his started in Dayton, Devon Searcy has continued to grow.

Its time to think of the future.  Kurt—we love you, but be the senior and move forward.