Brett Favre: You're Retired, Stay that Way

Ken SheehanAnalyst IJuly 2, 2008

So today I was watching the NFL network when a story came on that really got to me.

Rich Eisen came out and said that Brett Favre has been sending out the message that maybe he would like to come back and play, even if that means playing for a different team then the Green Bay Packers. 

Well I have to tell you he’s getting ridiculous. Enough is enough Brett, you came out had your press conference with your tears and your announcement and declared yourself retired.

Yet here we are once again with the "will he, won’t he" back-and-forth of whether Favre will play again.

Now I can understand why he’d want to come back. It’s true that with him on the roster not only are the Packers a better team but they are possibly Super Bowl contenders, they were basically a kick away from making it last season.

There’s also the point that last year Favre had an excellent season, having the best completion average of his career at 66.5 and his 15 interceptions are the lowest since 2000.

But here is the truth of the matter, at some point Favre has to let this franchise move on.

The Packers have already said that Aaron Rodgers is going to be their opening day quarterback, the team has already shown that they are going to back him up.

But if Favre comes back, what kind of limbo does that throw the team into.

After backing Rodgers how will the other players react when Rodgers is sat in favor of Favre? How can the team plan for the future when their quarterback situation is constantly hazy, not just for next few years but for this September?

And if Rodgers never gets real game time experience how can we expect him to play at a competitive level.

It doesn’t matter how many snaps you take at practice or how much time you get in the preseason when you get down to it the only way to get real experience is to play in a real game.

I don’t mean garbage time and I don’t mean spot-duty until Favre gets his injury bandaged up, I mean real start-to-finish game time.

Since being drafted in the first round, Rodgers has only had enough play time to throw one touchdown, one interception, and get sacked nine times.

At some point he’s going to cross that line from future quarterback to career back up, and at 24 years old how much longer do we have to wait to find out which it will be.

Brett Favre needs to realize what he’s doing to his team, the effect he’s having on the team’s future.

He needs to understand that football was finally ready to move on without him and that floating these thoughts of a return out is simply a selfish act.

Drawing attention to himself this way Favre makes himself a distraction for the Packers front office and his old teammates, now they have to deal with the "will he play" question again, instead of being able to focus on next season.

So what this breaks down to is: Brett Favre you need to grow up and stick to your guns, this flip-flopping belongs in politics.

You’ve declared yourself retired now please, stay that way.