Time To Get Rid of The All Star Games

Ryan RozyckiContributor IFebruary 13, 2010

Regaw Rant from BangTheBook.com your NBA Picks site and sports discussion forum.

Now I know there will be some historians that will come out of his seat when he reads this and tell me its part of the game or is a tradition, blah, blah, blah…

The All Star game is a sham and it has to go. This is for every sport so I am not being bias to one. The NFL showed us why we don’t need the pro bowl this year. Putting out the worst display of football and it got so bad they had to force players to show up to watch. I am sure it is an honor for first time players but the veterans hate it and like this year often skip it. Goodbye Pro bowl.

MLB All Star game?? Forget it, every since they had a tie it has been tough to watch and I would rather watch re-runs of MacGyver to suffer through another one of those disasters. They can keep the home run derby just to pass the time, but besides that bye-bye MLB All Star game.

NHL All Star game?? Please no one watches NHL regular season games, so who wants to watch the all-star game? If your going to have it at least have the game in Canada every year where the sport is well received.

Now enter the NBA All-Star game, this may be the worst of the bunch because the fans vote the players in. The mind numbing sheep vote the favorite player from yester year they can’t play any more and that is how T-Mac and A.I. both got plenty of votes this year. If that is the way they want it to be might as well put Jordan, Bird and Magic on the ballot. The dunk contest is a waste of time and now has more props than a carrot top show. No stars want to be in it because they realize they can’t reinvent the dunk and the highlight of the night is to watch some guy try to dunk from the free throw line just to come up short.

Please get rid of all of these games they are starting to become embarrassing. For more sports forum discussion visit BangTheBook.com