2011 Recruiting Evaluation: a Gause for Every Wound

Warren LentContributor IFebruary 13, 2010


In recruiting data around the Internet, Quentin Gause is labeled as an athlete. Athlete by definition is “a person possessing the natural or acquired traits or talents”. Because of these talents, he is not subjected to one single position on the Bishop Kearney football team. Instead, he plays running back, wide receiver, linebacker and kick returner. Quentin has all the right tools to be great at each of these positions. I will set this segment into the four positions he plays and evaluate each of them.

Running Back : Although at times it seemed he looked a little awkward running with the ball from the backfield, Gause still has the speed and monstrous strength to negate any tendencies that may have overlapped from other positions. Quentin’s speed is unrivaled out of the backfield in many of his runs. On film, he doesn’t seem overwhelmingly fast. But, do not be fooled by his long stride and upright stance, he is the real deal in terms of running the ball.

Wide Receiver :  The discomfort that Gause seem to have running the football that I had made a note of during his running back portion of the film seems to disappear when looking at him catching the ball. Catching routes 20+ yards downfield is extremely impressive, but his screen plays absolutely amaze me. Screens that seem to be dead at the line of scrimmage are quickly revived once the ball is shoveled to Gause. His vision downfield is exceptional during these plays as well.

Linebacker : Playing offensive positions such as running back and wide receiver greatly help a defensive player. The same is true for Gause, who has the unique ability to scan the beginning of an opposing teams play and explode toward the ball. If Quentin ever misses a read (rarely happens) he has that same speed used on the offensive side of the ball to make up ground that usually leads to some rattling hits set on the opposition.

Kick Return : Every talent Quentin Gause possesses is used to the maximum when returning kicks. He uses his speed to blow past defenders, brute strength to topple defenders and has the vision up field to find that perfect seam to make a big play.

The Verdict : Quentin Gause is easily one of the best overall athletes in the 2011 class. If Bishop Kearney needs him on almost every single down of their games, I know for a fact that he will find his place on a top tier, D-1 team. It will be interesting to see what he plans on playing in college and what the coaches recruiting him want Gause to play. That could play a huge factor into the direction of his commitment. You can never go wrong with a non-stop playmaker like Quentin Gause in your program.

College Choices: Notre Dame, Boston College, Penn State
Grade: A-