IDP Wednesday: 2009 Fantasy Football Recap

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IDP Wednesday:  2009 Fantasy Football Recap
By: Justin Curry (02/10/2010)

Well, another fantasy football season is in the books. Hopefully you were able to take the advice from this site and others and win yourself a championship.

I was in three leagues this year and made it to the playoffs in all of them, but I found myself coming up just short as I lost in the championship game in two of them (thank you Mr. Curtis Lofton and Peyton Manning).

Though I'm still a little bitter, overall, it was a great year. This post is intended to recap the season from an IDP perspective so nothing will be forgotten when draft time starts back up in August.

I've run the numbers for you on all the IDPers from this season by category (DL, LB, DB) and compiled a list of what each averaged each game for the entire year, Weeks One through Five, Weeks Six through 11, and Weeks 12 through 16. I've also included one of my favorite sections—IDP Opportunity —to show which teams had the most and fewest opportunities to pad their stats this year.

Using My Preferred IDP Scoring System

Solo Assists Sack Int FF PD TD
2 1 4 4 3 2 6

Best DLs (Average Per Game Played)

After running the numbers, it was no surprise to see Antwan Odom with the best overall average this year. Anyone that watched him play this season saw just how truly dominant he was before his season ended. With that said, I believe expectations should be downgraded a bit on him to repeat his dominance in 2010 when healthy.

Other interesting items: Though Jared Allen ended No. 2 overall, Will Smith was actually the only one that ranked in the top 15 DLs for all three subsections when you break down averages over the three trimesters of the entire season. Definitely keep this in mind next year when looking for someone who consistently performs over the course of the entire year.

Rank Player
1 Antwan Odom
2 Jared Allen
3 Justin Tuck
4 Andre Carter
5 Terrell Suggs
6 Will Smith
7 Trent Cole
8 Aaron Schobel
9 Julius Peppers
10 David Bowens
11 C.J. Ah You
12 Ray Edwards
13 Darnell Dockett
14 Robert Mathis
15 Marcus Stroud
16 Kyle Williams
17 Mario Williams
18 Chris Kelsay
19 Calais Campbell
20 Louis Leonard

Best LBs (Average Per Game Played)

No surprise here—Patrick Willis ended as the No. 1 overall LB of the 2009 season. He is simply a man amongst boys at this point and will be for the foreseeable future. Other interesting points: Don't forget the power of the weakside linebacker position in Carolina. Whoever started there seemed to produce very well alongside Jon Beason.

When looking at the three subsections, Willis was the only top 15 performer in all three. Thomas Davis, Paul Posluszny, Jon Beason, Brian Cushing, London Fletcher, Ray Lewis, and D.J. Williams were in the top 15 for two of them and should all be considered upper echelon guys in 2010.

Also, I will preach this just like I have all year: YOU WANT JUSTIN DURANT on your squad in 2010!

Rank Player
1 Patrick Willis
2 Thomas Davis
3 Paul Posluszny
4 Jon Beason
5 DQwell Jackson
6 Brian Cushing
7 London Fletcher
8 Ray Lewis
9 Curtis Lofton
10 D.J. Williams
11 Kirk Morrison
12 Barrett Ruud
13 James Laurinaitis
14 David Harris
15 Michael Boley
16 Justin Durant
17 Keith Bulluck
18 David Hawthorne
19 Lance Briggs
20 Jonathan Vilma

Best DBs (Average Per Game Played)

After looking at the numbers on DBs, a lot of unexpected names (if you don't truly follow IDP) came up to the top of the list this year. This is a great lesson on where you can really do damage in your draft next year. Whoever starts at SS for Oakland and Buffalo in 2010 should be high on your list to draft.

Other takeaways: Bernard Pollard is simply a beast. I don't see that fact being any different in 2010. Also, hopefully you were able to jump on the Bryan Scott train this year. Next year should be good for him as well.

Speaking of Scott, only he and Tyvon Branch found themselves in the top 15 every part of this year. Pollard (not really fair because he didn't have a home for a while until he went to Houston), Brian Dawkins, Charles Woodson, and Antoine Winfield found themselves in the top 15 for two of them. All of these guys should be on your radar in the 2010 draft as well.

Even though he's a CB (those that regularly read my blog know how much I try to stay away from them), I also really like Nick Harper in 2010.

Rank Player
1 Bryan Scott
2 Bernard Pollard
3 Kenny Phillips
4 Tyvon Branch
5 Brian Dawkins
6 Charles Woodson
7 Nick Harper
8 Yeremiah Bell
9 Dashon Goldson
10 Oshiomogho Atogwe
11 Tanard Jackson
12 Antoine Winfield
13 Roman Harper
14 Jordan Babineaux
15 Erik Coleman
16 Jacob Lacey
17 Tracy Porter
18 Eric Weddle
19 Antoine Bethea
20 Mike Brown

Seasonal Breakdown

Weeks 1 through 5 (Top 15)

1 Jared Allen Thomas Davis Troy Polamalu
2 Trent Cole Patrick Willis Bryan Scott
3 Antwan Odom Curtis Lofton Kenny Phillips
4 Julius Peppers Stephen Cooper Danieal Manning
5 Marcus Stroud London Fletcher Antoine Bethea
6 Justin Tuck DQwell Jackson Eric Weddle
7 Robert Mathis James Harrison Brian Dawkins
8 Terrell Suggs Kirk Morrison Tyvon Branch
9 Jimmy Wilkerson Mike Peterson Donte Whitner
10 Andre Carter Ray Lewis Charles Woodson
11 Adewale Ogunleye David Harris Roman Harper
12 Kroy Biermann Elvis Dumervil Chris Harris
13 Will Smith Stephen Tulloch Antoine Winfield
14 Aaron Schobel D.J. Williams Chris Hope
15 Greg Ellis Justin Durant Derek Cox

Weeks 6 through 10 (Top 15)

1 David Bowens Brian Cushing Leon Hall
2 Andre Carter David Hawthorne Tanard Jackson
3 Greg White Paul Posluszny Erik Coleman
4 Ray Edwards Thomas Davis Bryan Scott
5 Robaire Smith Clint Session Reed Doughty
6 Jared Allen Patrick Willis Roman Harper
7 Chris Kelsay Nick Barnett Dashon Goldson
8 Kevin Williams Keith Bulluck Danieal Manning
9 Brett Keisel Julian Peterson Bernard Pollard
10 Robert Mathis Calvin Pace Ko Simpson
11 Julius Peppers Justin Durant Tyvon Branch
12 Anthony Hargrove Lawrence Timmons Tracy Porter
13 Jonathan Babineaux Ray Lewis C.C. Brown
14 Will Smith Jon Beason Cary Williams
15 Marques Douglas D.J. Williams Jairus Byrd

Weeks 11 through 16 (Top 15)

1 Justin Tuck Jon Beason Bernard Pollard
2 Aaron Schobel Patrick Willis Antoine Winfield
3 Sedrick Ellis London Fletcher Bryan Scott
4 Will Smith Paul Posluszny Tyvon Branch
5 Trent Cole Hunter Hillenmeyer LaRon Landry
6 Kyle Williams James Laurinaitis Brian Dawkins
7 Anthony Adams Jonathan Vilma Charles Woodson
8 Darnell Dockett Lamarr Woodley Jordan Babineaux
9 Mario Williams Brian Cushing Yeremiah Bell
10 Derrick Harvey Geno Hayes Nick Harper
11 Tony Brown Michael Boley Brent Grimes
12 Daniel Muir Demorrio Williams Malcolm Jenkins
13 Mathias Kiwanuka Gary Brackett Tracy Porter
14 Trevor Scott Barrett Ruud Adrian Wilson
15 Shaun Ellis Clint Session Mike Brown

IDP Opportunity

When looking at the total number of defensive plays for each team, the numbers found were as interesting as I thought they would be earlier in the year. For the 2009 season, the Buffalo Bills' defensive starters played 1,086 plays. The Minnesota Vikings only played 940.

If you do the math, that's a 146-play difference, meaning the Buffalo starters had about two games more worth of opportunities to pad their stats than Minnesota players. This is one of the reasons I've always preached that, when all other factors are equal, go for the player on the team that is worse or teams with high-potent offenses that score quickly as the tiebreaker.

Most Amount of Total Defensive Plays in 2009

Rank Team Plays
1 Buffalo Bills 1,086
2 Indianapolis Colts 1,084
3 Cleveland Browns 1,072
4 Kansas City Chiefs 1,062
5 Seattle Seahawks 1,050
6 New Orleans Saints 1,044
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1,039
8 Arizona Cardinals 1,038
9 Tennessee Titans 1,038
10 Philadelphia Eagles 1,037

Least Amount of Defensive Plays in 2009

Rank Team Plays
1 Minnesota Vikings 940
2 New England Patriots 941
3 Green Bay Packers 948
4 New York Giants 953
5 New York Jets 953
6 Pittsburgh Steelers 967
7 Miami Dolphins 968
8 Houston Texans 974
9 Carolina Panthers 976
10 Dallas Cowboys 979

Well, that's it for this week. Make sure to check back every now and again as I will post when big news regarding the IDP world happens (NFL draft, 2010 Fantasy Football drafts are about to begin, etc.).

Justin Curry

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