MLB Quick Pitch: Kyle Farnsworth To Start for the Royals?

Jordan BrattCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2016

Harry How/Getty Images

The news about Kyle Farnsworth attempting to stretch out his arm in a bid to lay claim to one of the starting pitching slots in the Royals rotation has been drastically blown out of proportion. Here is my quick take:


Scenario No. 1: Farnsworth switches roles and adapts well

He will still have to win a spot in the rotation—three spots available for: Kyle Davies, Brian Bannister, Luke Hochevar, Robinson Tejeda, Aaron Crow, and Mike Montgomery (since Zach Greinke and Gil Meche are locks). If Farnsworth wins that battle, it means he has finally learned how to keep the ball down and move his pitches around the plate a bit—after 13 years in the bigs.  


Scenario No. 2: He crashes, burns, and returns to the pen

Since he has been stretched out to become a starter, he likely relinquishes the setup role to Juan Cruz and becomes a middle reliever—there is less pressure on him that way, and he proved with 17 straight scoreless innings in middle relief last season he can succeed in that role at times.


Scenario No. 3: He crashes, burns, and blows out his arm

Maybe the Royals can collect insurance on him or something. ... Regardless, this scenario would likely be the most satisfying for a majority of the fan base, as they wouldn't have to see the tatted-up, spectacle-wearing, body-slamming, gas can they've come to despise toe the rubber anymore and could put this horrendous signing behind them.


The bottom line is that we have already made our bed...but before we lie in it, we may as well fluff the pillows because the status quo is unacceptable. What do we really have to lose with this experiment? A bad relief pitcher?