Dream Brand PPV- Friday Night Bash

nikhil mehanContributor IFebruary 12, 2010

Hello Folks, i'm back. Yes it is me your favourite writer nikhil. Now it has been a year since i last wrote so i might be a bit rusty. Okay here we go.

It is the PPV and next Friday I will collect in the votes a and put it into a show. So here is a match for no title a and it is a HARDCORE match. The story between them is two Latinos trying to be the best Mexican out there.


Machete is a legend in the business debuting in 1988 but taking a 14 year hiatus due to many reasons.


Weight-224 pounds

Acclomshiments-2 time Inter champ, 1 Heavyweight champ, 2nd in champions ball 1993.

Machete grew up in a small village in Mexico where he trained with his father in a small promotion. In 1987 he was spotted by John Terrence and signed to development training. Since then he became the face of the company winning multiple belts. In 1996 his father had died and he vowed to never wrestle again until Sanchez had called out his father which brought the to this match.


Sanchezdebutd in 2007 and has never lost a match by a clean pin

Height- 6'0

Weight-212 pounds

Accomplishments- 1 ic champ

Sanchez also grew up in Mexico but grew around a big wrestling family that were amazing fighters. Sanchez came into the business in 2007 winning his debut match and in the process won the Ic belt as well. In 2009 he was cheated and lost the belt in the process. He has claimed that he was the best latino ever and called Machete's father out calling him a low talent loser. He has since brewed in a feud with Machete for weeks and it will be settled at the Friday Night Bash.