Good Not Great: The WWE Elimination Chamber

roopan vermaContributor IFebruary 12, 2010

In my opinion the elimination chamber match is the best match type the WWE has come up with in a long time.

However I also think the WWE could improve upon the current match and the ppv . The following are some suggestions I have come up with to make the elimination chamber more memorable:


Putting the ppv in February is a huge mistake in my opinion. January through March should be all about the road to Wrestlemania. To me those months should all be about the royal rumble winner and his decision on what champion he will face.

Instead, by putting an elimination chamber match right after the royal rumble, the rumble winner is basically forgotten about until after the ppv. Another big issue I have is that winning the royal rumble isn't as rewarding as it should be. It's basically saying a wrestler doesn't have to win the rumble to get a shot at the champion but rather just winning a qualifying match the next night to get a shot at the title. 

With recent news that Survivor Series will be taken out of the ppv schedule, I think it makes total sense to replace it with the Elimination Chamber. This way some of the concepts of a traditional survivor series match are withheld with an elimination chamber match. 

Better Build Up

There is nothing I hate more than qualifying matches in the WWE. To me it is a total cop out of the writers not being able to think up something more clever. One reason they have to use qualifying matches is the lack of time between ppvs. Only having three weeks to build up a ppv is a joke. 

Again by putting the ppv in November and having a proper build up gives fans more of a reason to watch other than the fact that they want to watch a chamber match. 

Only One Chamber Match 

Having two chamber matches in one night really takes away from how special this event is supposed to be. Just because there are two heavyweight championships doesn't mean there needs to be two chamber matches.

I personally think fans would rather watch one great chamber match than two so-so chamber matches. The best thing to do is to rotate every year on which brand gets the match. 

Tag Team Chamber Match

A three on three tag team elimination chamber match is something I would love to see and is also something that has never been done before. This would be very similar to the war games match from WCW which is something a lot of fans want to see. A Smackdown vs. Raw match could be the ultimate bragging rights match to see which brand is better. 

So what do you think of these ideas? Would they make the ppv better or do you feel it is okay as is?

Also this is my first article here and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.