Why Wanderlei Silva Isn't Washed Up

Daniel SadlerCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2010

I have heard a lot of talk recently about how Bisping is going to beat Wanderlei because Wandy is washed up and 1-5 in his last six fights (1-3 in the UFC).

But I have one argument to counteract that.

If the UFC is the best organization as everyone claims it to be why would you expect Wandy to come in and dominate a division that he is frankly undersized for and that is much stronger than Pride's? And obviously this didn't happen and Wandy's record doesn't look very good recently.

But a record can be misleading.

If you look at his fights in the UFC the first one is vs Chuck Liddel, this was an awesome matchup which won fight of the year and was voted third all time, doesn't sound like a fight where one fighter was past his prime? Also this fight was close and Wandy showed everyone why he was called the Axe Murderer with frantic striking against a fighter that was considered at the time to be a top three LHW.

His second fight was a win against Keith Jardine, unsurprisingly as Jardine is more of a middle LHW. Wandy knocked him out in 36 seconds, thats what happens when you put Wandy up against someone who isn't near him in skill.

His third fight was a loss to Rampage. People have said 'Wandy beat him twice in pride so wandy must be losing it' not only is that insulting to Wandy its also to Rampage. When Wandy stepped into the cage against Rampage in the UFC it was a different Rampage.

Rampage had been training with Wolfslair consistently something he was famous for not doing in Pride. And Wandy got caught with one big punch and it was  BIG punch so his chin cant be taken into question.

His last fight was a unanimous decision loss to Rich Franklin, this was close, very close. Both fighters gave it their all and Wandy hanged in there with Rich for three rounds, and Rich is the second best middleweight in the world and Wandy only just lost.

To his next opponent, my fellow Englishman Michael Bisping. I see Bisping as similar to Rich Franklin clean swift striking but lacking any real knockout power. Wandy in his four fights has either knocked his opponent out, went the distance or got knocked out cold with a powerful shot and I believe Bisping doesn't have the power to knock Wandy out properly (Rampage style.)

I see Bisping not troubling Wandy on the feet because he doesnt have the power required to beat Wandy and its only a matter of time till Wandy connects with Bispings chin.