Good Greivis: A Handful of Vasquez

Brandon SeitzCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2010

ATLANTA - MARCH 14:  Greivis Vasquez #21 of the Maryland Terrapins drives between Kyle Singler #12 and Lance Thomas #42 of the Duke Blue Devils during the semifinals of the 2009 ACC Men's Basketball Tournament on March 14, 2009 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Greivis Vasquez. Did I spell that right? Good. Don’t want to piss him off.

Ok, let’s get this straight — the guy’s good at basketball, agreed. He’s sixth among all-time Maryland scorers, and that’s saying something. He’s been the hands-down leader now for the Terps for three straight seasons.

Now, I live in Maryland and have been a major Terps fan, especially around the Juan Dixon/Steve Blake era. I remember watching the national championship game in 2002, in Maryland’s only 30-win season in school history.

But to be honest, upon Greivis joining the team in 2006, I’ve lost nearly all respect for the team. Coach Gary Williams is still my favorite coach, and in no way do I think he deserves the kind of moron Vasquez is, but I can’t take it. And how can Maryland fans?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it was a Georgia Tech home game where the Terps weren’t playing particularly well. Instead of picking his team up or leading them forward with words of encouragement or strong play, Greivis decided to “shush” his home crowd. That’s right, he put his finger to his lips, and taunted the fans to be quiet. His own fans.

What a guy.

And the taunts against the opposition — like against the Memphis Tigers in the 2008-2009 season when Vasquez said, “If [Memphis] played in the ACC conference, they’d have a losing record in the league…the ACC’s too tough.”

Haha, are you KIDDING me kid? You’re too good, huh, than a Memphis Tiger team that was the national champion runner-up in the 2008 NCAA Tournament and the first team in college basketball history to record 38 wins in a single season. Yeah, losing record — that makes sense.

That’s beyond cocky. That’s just sheer stupidity. It’s tough not to sound like an idiot each time you open your mouth when you say things like that.

But this, I can deal with. This, I can get over. There have been players I simply haven’t liked playing for the team that I so loyally have followed all my life. But one incident put it over the line. And I wish I could remember the game, even the opponent, in which it happened.

The Terps were having an away game against a conference opponent. They had won the game handily, by at least ten points or so, and Vasquez got the inbound with just a couple seconds left to just run out the clock. The opposing team had long since given up the quick-foul, and resorted to just walking toward the sideline as time expired.

What did Greivis do? He heaved a three-pointer with one or two seconds left in the game, which went in, obviously undefended. From that point on I was disgusted.

And honestly, how could any Maryland fan have any pride about that kid after that? How disrespectful can you be? I think Gary Williams gave him a good talking to afterwards, but I’m not sure if he was chastised any further.

Take my advice, Mr. Vasquez. Take your natural-born talent and put it to GOOD use. Close your mouth and play the game with the respect it has shown you. Stand behind your fans who have stood behind you for reasons unknown to me. And lastly, understand you’re a role model who has an impact on a young kid dreaming to play for the team he loves.

It’s too late to win me back as a fan, but when’s the last time you cared about that?