Duke Blue Devils' Mike Krzyzewski Will Say "Nyet" To Net's Job

Mike KlineAnalyst IFebruary 12, 2010

CHAPEL HILL, NC - FEBRUARY 10: Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski argues a call against North Carolina during a men's college basketball game at Dean Smith Center on February 10, 2010 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. (Photo by Chris Keane/Getty Images)
Chris Keane/Getty Images

First Rick Pitino and now Mike Krzyzewski; it appears that the Duke Basketball Coach is now the top target for the New Jersey Nets coaching job according to ESPN.

The network is claiming that the Nets are looking at Krzyzewski to become not only the head coach, but the organization's general manager.

They can keep dreaming because it isn't gong to happen. Why?

First, why would Krzyzewski want to coach the league's worst team? He is happy as the czar of the Duke basketball program, one of the NCAA's most successful teams.

Krzyzewski had the chance, several times, to take NBA jobs. First, it was the Portland Trailblazers in the late '80s, and then it was the Los Angeles Lakers, twice.

Each time, Krzyzewski turned down the offer to stay at Duke. Certainly, taking the Lakers job with a team including Kobe Bryant is a whole lot more attractive than the Nets job is now.

After seriously considering the Lakers job, Krzyzewski said he was staying at Duke until he was done coaching basketball. He is a lot more believable to me than Pitino, who now claims no interest in the job.

With so much invested in the Duke program, there is little incentive besides money to take a new position. He would essentially have to rebuild the franchise from the ground up.

Not an attractive proposition for a man in his 60s who already has a solid gig until he is ready to call it quits.

Krzyzewski gets his fill of NBA stars by coaching the US Olympic team, so the challenge of coaching at the next level isn't really a driving force for him.

So the Nets will have to look elsewhere because Krzyzewski is at Duke to stay.