MARK ROBINSONContributor IFebruary 12, 2010

     This might sound shocking or strange to some fans out there I mean it feels wierd for me to even write this title.  Let me first say that I have been a WWE backer and only WWE for many many years.  I was never a fan of TNA and really I get made at each specefic wrestler when they jump ship and go to TNA.  I have started to switch back and forth and check out TNA on Spike just to see what there doing and I even will checkout the website to keep up on what there trying to do to challenge the WWE.


     I have been critical of TNA for the signing of such old WWE stars, namely Hulk Hogan, and I feel as though there just recylcing old storylines from the WWE attitude ERA.  I do not know exactly when, but I turned on TNA and they brought back the Montreal Screwjob and played it out with the same ref, but different wrestlers.  It mad me sick and I just wanted to laugh at how unimagative there writers have been during these so called war time with the WWE.


     I turn on Spike last night and see the confrontation of Samoan Joe and AJ Styles with the great Ric Flair.  Never was a fan of Joe, but I kinda enjoy watching AJ and I think he is probably top 5 in TNA in my opinion.  As I watch the confrontation, I am getting madder and madder---How the hell does WWE let Flair go and how the hell does TNA come up with this brilliant idea of modeling Flair the manager after a famous manager that once managed Flair himself---JJ Dillion.  It was intriquing to watch these three argue on the mic, I mean Flair even made Samoan Joe better cause that is just how talented Flair is in this business.  He is an asset to whatever organization he belongs to and you mean to tell me noone in the WWE could not sell Flair on doing that with lets say a heel turned Christian, Sheamus, Jack Swaggar, and even a heel turned Kofi Kingston.  It would have worked and the WWE still could have kept the best icon of wrestling that is still actively working.  I mean I will admit I was getting a little tired and embarrassed for Flair when he was wrestling in the last two years, but for him on the mic and/or a manager, I would be greatly excited over that scenerio.  I know Flair was not happy with how the WWE was using him, but Vince could have sold him on this idea and they could have let Flair pick who he wanted to manage.  Number 1 missed opportunity.

     The second person I saw on TNA that brings up another missed opportunity for the WWE is that I watched a tag team match with Mr Anderson---Kennedy.  Since he has joined TNA, they have vaulted him to main event status and have put him right into the fire with the likes of Kurt Angle.  I know Anderson was injury proned and probably missed more time then any wrestler I can think of in recent history.  I really do not know what Vince could have done to get Anderson more focused and into his craft, but why lose him to TNA.  I think Anderson/Kennedy has such great upside and he is such a great mic worker that to me the sky is the limit with his career.  TNA can even go one step further and add him with the Flair/Styles group and let Flair whoop Anderson into wrestling shape and attitude.  When Kennedy and Flair were both in the WWE I was begging for them two to work an angle cuz I would have loved to see them battle on the mic as well as the ring.  I think Kennedy has talent in the ring---he is agile and quick moving in the ring, throws a great dropkick, and love his finishing move. 

    I know there are probably alot of people that are shaking their heads at the fact that TNA is teaching the WWE a lesson.  It is true though if you look at Flair and Anderson and see how they stalled in the WWE the last 18 months and how they both rose to promience in TNA in two months.  I know they both came to TNA and got a head start with the big Hulk Hogan acquistion and all that media attention, but as proven in the WWE, these two stars can carry their own weight and as I see it will continue to carry their weight and continue to be two weapons TNA can use in the upcoming Monday Nite WAR.