TNA Against All Odds: Previews and Predictions; New No. 1 Contender?

Siva PrasadCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2010

A World Title match involving Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff, while TNA emulates WWE’s King of the Ring with a No.1 Contender Tournament for the PPV !!

TNA World Championship

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (c) w/Ric Flair vs. Samoa Joe

Special Guest Referee: Eric Bischoff

This match will blow the roof off Orlando. Joe and Styles are the best pound-for-pound wrestlers in TNA, so expect this to be nothing less than a huge blast.

Samoa Joe is once again the fan favourite of the Impact Zone as he kicked off this feud by turning face, through questioning AJ Styles’ motivation for siding with Ric Flair.

Styles and Flair have traded promos and punches back and forth with the Samoan Submission Machine, leading up to the first defence of Styles’ title since he joined forces with the Nature Boy.

Eric Bischoff made himself Special Guest Referee for the World Title match between Ric Flair’s AJ Styles, the champion and Samoa Joe on Impact this week.

Easy E has yet to reveal whose side he is on, after simply saying on Impact that Styles’ attack on Joe required him to step in, and that he’ll be unbiased.


Will AJ Styles keep the title he won back in September? Joe has been good as of late, but Styles holds all the momentum going into this match.

Ric Flair has done wonders for Mr. Phenomenal, with this promo on Impact proving that AJ Styles can be pretty damn good on the mic.

That is right; this heel AJ Styles, all full of himself, is entertaining as hell.

Given that he is becoming better at what he does outside the ring with every passing day, expect the World Title to remain strapped around his waist.

Winner: AJ Styles

8 Card Stud Tournament

Winner Gets A TNA World Title Shot At Lockdown

Quarter Final Matches

Abyss vs. Mick Foley

Mick Foley’s running feud with Eric Bischoff provides a stirring story to this match, the stipulation being the Monster Abyss will be unmasked should there be any shenanigans in the match.

As for the match itself, this certainly will not be the weapons/blood-fest we saw these two have at Bound For Glory. No throwing of women through barbed-wire tables this time, either.

A tamer version, but intriguing still as it involves the master and the pupil of hardcore. Can they do the job outside a hardcore environment? We will have to wait and see.

While I do not think TNA would be foolish enough to go through with the threat of unmasking their lovable yet disturbed Monster, there almost surely will be interference of some sort during this match.  One would wager that they would disadvantage Mick Foley, since he is the foil to Bischoff.

Abyss has been kept out of the bulk of this feud, but he will be in the thick of things this Sunday.

As Foley and Eric fight this one to the end, Abyss could likely remain involved.

Winner: Abyss

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

The Olympic champion has been embroiled in a feud with Hulk Hogan since the Screwjob, though that took an intriguing turn this week with the Hulkster defending Angle from Scott Hall and Syxx Pac.

Angle is easily the biggest fan favourite in TNA Wrestling. Mr. Anderson, on the other hand, is one of the newest arrivals in TNA, dominant and still unbeaten. He’s so far avoided mishaps in the ring, and looks to become a great asset for the company.

This match might also see a run in or two, due to the Angle’s circumstances. My hunch is TNA would like to keep the heel Anderson as dominant as he is, and want the Hogan/Angle saga to keep going. Expect a run in to cause Angle to lose.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

The Tag Team Champions face off against each other in this Quarter Final, after what has been a relatively peaceful run for them as champions so far.

Since taking the titles from the British Invasion last month, Messrs. Morgan and Hernandez have found little in the way of prominent challengers. No worries though, as these two guys with their speed and strength are one of the most imposing tag teams ever, and TNA will want to keep the gold on their waist for now.

Taking that into account, I do not see either man passing the semi final, should they get there. History dictates Matt Morgan is slightly higher up the pecking order, and his ability to work matches with a variety of guys is better than Hernandez.

Winner: Matt Morgan

Desmond Wolfe vs “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

These two face each other in a rematch of their contest last month at Genesis. Back then, they put on a very good show, one of the best matches of the night.

Two rising stars in TNA, I would rather neither Wolfe nor Pope lose this one. However, there has to be a winner and I just have a hunch D’Angelo Dinero will sneak the win here, as after Angle and Joe you could argue that he is the third strongest face in TNA. And they will want to give the fans some reason to cheer.

Winner: The Pope

Semi Final Matches:

Pope/Wolfe vs Hernandez/Morgan

Assuming they advance, I would wager that Pope defeats Matt Morgan here. A roll-up is the likely finish; TNA seems to have had a roll/small package fetish as of late.

Morgan has nothing to gain from winning, as he is the Tag Champ as mentioned. Pope is the rising star and he has the momentum and bigger fan reaction, so I see no reason why he will not take this contest home.

Winner: The Pope

Abyss/Foley vs Angle/Anderson

Mr Anderson all the way. Hulk Hogan gave it away when he said the Abyss character is cool, but needs more work. Once again, its all a matter of momentum and who TNA were pushing coming into this PPV. Mr. Anderson beat Abyss last month, then Jeff Jarrett and Brutus Magnus in the last three weeks.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Final Match:

The Pope vs Mr Anderson

If this indeed becomes the final, it would be exceedingly hard to call a winner. On one hand you have the Pope, the fan favourite and the future main eventer.

Then you have Mr Anderson, a charismatic heel who is successfully establishing himself in the top tier of the company. Recent Impacts see him being given bags of attention, and he has not yet disappointed with his performances.

Anderson could sneak this one, I think. I have my doubts if TNA are ready to pull the trigger on the man formerly known as Elijah Burke.

Perhaps they feel he was not as big a star as Anderson in the WWE, though they could just up and prove me wrong at the PPV.

I don’t think the Pope’s fans would mind if he is pimping come Sunday. Whether that will actually happen or not, remains up for debate.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Tag Team Match

Team 3D vs the Nasty Boys

Brother Ray referred to this contest as one “fans all over the World wanted to see.” I would most want to meet any of those fans, and if some of them are on B/R, please do us the honor of declaring your love for this match.

It will take a miracle for this match to not be bad. Ray and Devon can still pull out a decent contest, but the Nastys have showed in their recent matches on Impact that while they are huffing and puffing a lot, they cannot even come close to bringing the house down.

All I can say is hopefully this match will be mercifully short. That, or the Nastys do a 180 turn on their in-ring performance.

So that’s TNA Against All Odds. It is collection of matches that seem great on paper, with only one looking like a contest to cringe at.

Here’s to a great PPV, and guys, do tell me not only what you think about the PPV, but the article too. Thanks!!

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