Point / Counterpoint: Should The Reds Sign Johnny Damon?

Matt David@@mattdavidkyCorrespondent IIFebruary 12, 2010

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 04:  Johnny Damon #18 of the New York Yankees rounds third and scores in the bottom of the third inning against the Philadelphia Phillies in Game Six of the 2009 MLB World Series at Yankee Stadium on November 4, 2009 in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images

Point: Yes, I hope the Reds are trying to get this done.  

Counterpoint: The Reds might as well give a prospect a shot such as Heisey or even a Balentien.

P: I'm all for it if the price is right. Maybe $7 million a year for three years would do the trick.

CP: Anything longer than two years at $2 million a year deal would be overpaying.

P: Maybe he'd settle for $6 million to play for the Reds. A deal like that would be a no- brainer for the Reds.

CP: Doubtful. If he would take $6 million, he would be signed already.

P: The market is getting thinner each day and there are fewer and fewer teams willing to pay big money for a guy like Damon.

CP: He's got the right agent. The Tigers are said to be ready to pay $14 million for two years.

P: Don't listen to that. That is just Boras trying to raise the price for his client.

CP: To sign him, they would have to make some salary room which could mean dumping Arroyo.

P: Damon is also a big name and could help energize the fan base to buy season tickets. Damon pays for himself!

CP: He may cause a slight bump in sales but fans come out to see winning teams.

P: He'd likely put up solid numbers at Great American Ballpark and he'd be a tradeable commodity if the Reds fail to contend.

CP: I don't think anyone would be interested in July. You are aware that players don't generally improve as they get over 35 right? How old is Damon again?  

P: He is only 36 and scored over 100 runs last year with a nice OBP of .365.

CP: He has the age problem I mentioned and has been protected in those loaded Red Sox and Yankee lineups over the past few years. He wouldn't score 100 runs in the Reds lineup.  I suspect we will see the real Damon this year where ever he ends up.

P: Damon has a lot of playoff experience.

CP: I guess that could help if the Reds get to the postseason.

P: He could bat at the top of the batting order and solve the left field problem. If Bruce steps up this year and Stubbs proves not to be a dud, the Reds could have a good lineup.

CP: The Reds defense would give up a lot of doubles and singles with Damon out there.  They will be solid defensively with Bruce in right field and Stubbs in center field and then you want Damon and his bum arm in left field?

P: If a weak arm is the worst thing you could say about a left fielder, you are reaching. He has an outside shot at the Hall Of Fame and needs the at-bats the Reds could give him.

CP: He cannot even hit the cut-off man from left field.

P: You are aware that Damon hit 24 home runs last year?

CP: He played in a launching pad for left handed hitters. GABP is a hitters park but it isn't the wind tunnel that Yankee Stadium is. He only hit seven bombs on the road.  

P: Damon will hit right handed pitching well. He would be a star on the Reds team against right handed pitching.

CP: Switching leagues has shown to be a problem for many players. Damon won't be different.

P: The guys they have like Heisey or Balentien won't put up the .280/.350/.450 Damon will.

CP: Balentien and Heisey need to get their shot at some point.

P: Heisey needs another year in AAA. I am not sold on Balentien at all. Damon would allow the Reds to keep these guys where they currently belong.

CP: The Reds' minor league system has been producing solid players lately. Let's get on with the future.

P: Damon is very popular with the ladies!

CP: Please kill me now.


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