What The Hell Has Pro Wrestling Become These Last Couple Of Years?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIFebruary 12, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  Batista stands in the ring during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

WWE and TNA are the two flagship companies of pro wrestling today. There are a lot of folks who love pro wrestling that doesn’t see a problem with it however there are a lot of diehard wrestling fans who are freaking sick and tired of this crap being booked today. Folks that love wrestling for the great wrestling are just losing their love and passion for the wrestling business because in today's world, it's all about the money and great promos. Folks that love wrestling for the wrestling are turned off by today's stuff because it's just gone stale.

I am never one to harp on anybody for trying but come on now; do you honestly think that WWE and TNA are trying to tear the house down each and every night? Folks WWE haven’t been doing that since 2007 or 2006 because they feel like being a kid friendly company will be a better business outlook for years to come instead of focusing on the wrestling and the more mature crowds. People who love the fast paced, more aggressive style of wrestling have had to take a backseat the last two years because it seems that being a "stick-man" is more important that putting on a great show each and every event. TNA just is clueless ever since they brought in Hulk Hogan back in January; they haven't made much sense on who's what role and how a storyline should go. I thought TNA was going to rival WWE for years to come? With the crap that these two wrestling companies are coming up with as of lately, it’s no wonder why people what give TNA a chance.

Wrestling fans miss times like the attitude era and even the 2000's where even though a lot of the aggression was gone, the wrestling was still great because the wrestling companies gave guys a chance to show their stuff in the ring, not in an interview or promo. People are tired of "listening" to wrestlers on the mic or having to by pay per views in order to see some of the good stuff that these companies present. I think that wrestling as a whole need several changes in order to bring back the loyal wrestling fans and even bring in new fans to make pro wrestling more popular again like it once was. I mean yea I have said bring back more wrestling instead of promos, but the wrestling industry need to cut back on pay per view's as a whole like instead of 13 pay per view's a year for each company, why can't we only have 6? I mean that way folks would see the importance in a pay per view and that automatically would bump up buy rates to a great amount, if you have too much of something then a fan will not buy into as much, the saying less is more is so true especially with pay per views. On the month's that do not have a pay per view the WWE could do a Saturday Night Main Event show, hey those did work tremendously back in the 80's and it really would be on a platform that would bring out new fans.

I wish WWE and TNA would really try some of these idea's because us diehard fans are getting tired of not getting the good stuff anymore. I cannot imagine what the wrestling industry will be in a couple of years if they continue this crap or even try to enhance it with more gimmick pay per views and being even more kid friendly ( Folks this is wrestling not the kid's choice award). I hope that either we get the old stuff back or maybe get a young company like Ring Of Honor to get hot and rival the big companies because then we may actually see the competition bug back and that help's the wrestling overall.

I want to get you the wrestling fan's input on this matter and don't be shy to tell me what you truly think no matter what your opinion is. There is no wrong answer when it comes to wrestling but if you stay quiet on the matter, and then you can't ever get a chance to prove your point. Thanks and God Bless folks!!