Texas Longhorn 2010 Football Outlook

Chris MinerContributor IFebruary 12, 2010

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Even though we are in the thick of the college basketball season, I thought that this would be a perfect time to analyze the upcoming 2010 football season for the Texas Longhorns. 

Why do this, you might ask? I say it is because for diehard college football fans, like myself, there isn't much attention being paid to the sport right now. With that, here is my take on the 2010 Texas Longhorn Football Schedule.


The Longhorns first opponent of the 2010 season is Rice, which is a team that they last played back in 2008. While the result of the game was lopsided, Rice is a team that you cannot underestimate because they are a talented bunch that always gives their best effort. 

When that is combined with the fact that the Horns will be a young team overall, it should make for an interesting match up, especially since the Horns won't be hosting their season opener as they normally do.

My Prediction: Horns WIN!


The second opponent for the Longhorns is Wyoming. I really don't see this game going anything like last year's game, except for the final score.

I will admit that the Horns may have overlooked Wyoming last year, but with Garrett Gilbert somewhat comfortable at quarterback, this game may be over before halftime.

My Prediction: Horns 2-0!


The next four games will really give everyone in the Longhorn Nation a good idea where this team is at and where they could end up at the end of the season. 

Next up for the Longhorns is Texas Tech. This game is always interesting when played in the South Plains of Texas. However, the match up has lost a little of its mystique, since the pirate has been made to walk the plank. 

I think that this game could really go either way for two reasons:

1. Texas Tech is rebuilding this year.

2. The Horns will still be trying to become a cohesive unit. 

This will be an offensive shootout with the winner being the team that has the ball last and has the fewest turnovers.

My Prediction: Too Close To Call.


The Horns next opponent is UCLA. The strides that UCLA have made in the last few years are in the right direction. They are quickly reclaiming their spot among the nation's elite. 

That makes this game a huge test for both teams in non-conference play and will have huge implications on both teams' hopes for playing in the national championship game.

I think that this game will be a slugfest, and it will really depend on which team executes their strategy best, especially if the Horns are overlooking UCLA!

My Prediction: Too Close To Call.


Next on the Horns radar is Oklahoma. To be honest, Oklahoma is never really off the Longhorns radar! The despised Sooners are also rebuilding/reloading, which means they will have just as many issues to address as the Horns. 

This game, like the UCLA game, will come down to execution and which team can answer the most personnel questions the fastest. 

My Prediction: Too Close To Call.


The next game on the schedule is the highly anticipated rematch of last year's Big 12 Championship Game. I know that Husker fans had this game circled on their calendars right after the schedules were released. 

They will be looking for a little revenge, especially since this is a home game for the Huskers. I give Bo Pelini credit for being a great defensive coach, but without Ndamukong Suh anchoring the defensive line and creating opportunities for his teammates, the Huskers will not be able to wreak the havoc they did in the title game last year against the Horns.

That being said, Garrett Glibert should be pretty comfortable at the helm and lead the Horns to a close victory in Lincoln.

My Prediction: Horns WIN!


Iowa State follows the Nebraska game, when the Horns return to the friendly confines of Darrel K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium. The Cyclones are making progress and getting better, but despite their progress they probably won't give the Horns much of a fight.

Don't get me wrong, no team in college football should be overlooked, but if UT has the majority of their personnel questions answered, this won't be much of a game. Sorry, Cyclones.

My Prediction: Horns WIN!


The Baylor game should be an interesting game if Baylor's star QB Robert Griffin III is healthy. If not, I see the Horns running away with this one.

My Prediction: Horns WIN!


Kansas State poses an interesting challenge to the Horns. The last time that the Horns won in Manhattan was back in 2002. That was under then and now current KSU coach Bill Snyder. The Horns then went on to lose two of the next three meetings between the two schools.

That, however, was under then-coach Ron Prince. The Wildcats have been on a bit of a downward spiral with the exception of beating the Horns. With Bill Snyder back at the helm trying to right the ship, I am sure that he will throw everything that he has up his sleeve at the Horns. 

I don't think that it will be enough, however, as UT will win in a close, hard fought battle.

My Prediction: Horns WIN!


The next challenge for the Horns is Oklahoma State. With Mike Gundy having to replace the majority of his offense and the defense always suspect, I believe that the Horns will walk away winners when the clock strikes 00:00.

My Prediction: Horns Win!


The second to last game of the regular season will be against Florida Atlantic. I am sure that Howard Schnellenberger will be up to his old tricks trying to motivate his players similarly to the last time these two teams played. I think that the end result will be the same, too.

My Prediction: Horns Win!


The season will culminate with the in-state battle for bragging rights and a point in the Lone Star Showdown against Texas A&M. All bets are off in this game as both teams have a lot of talent and something to prove. 

As you would with any rivalry game, throw out the records and the rankings and let the argument be settled on the field, especially if last year's game taught us anything!

My Prediction: Too Close To Call.


In closing, the Big 12 and national championships are well within reach of the Horns in 2010. They will need to stay healthy most of all and the faster they can become a team, rather than individuals, the better. 

Also, the faster they can find answers to their personnel questions, the faster they can become that cohesive unit. The four game stretch from Texas Tech-Nebraska will really give the Horns and the Longhorn Nation a true picture of how far this team will go. 

Thank you for reading! Hook 'em Horns!!!