Whos Ready For Mets Vs. Phillies??

Harris DeckerSenior Analyst IJuly 2, 2008

So as we move into this coming weekend, the Mets will once again be locked up with one of their biggest rivals. Last weekend the Mets split the four game series with the Yankees and this weekend the Phillies and Mets will face off.

I have already written an article today showing how there is no way the Phillies can take the division because of their complete lack of pitching. Even with the mediocre pitching, I want to look at the match-ups this weekend.

Game 1/2

Yes you read that right. I want to discuss very quickly the last game of the Phillies previous series. The final game against the braves will feature Cole Hammels. I think that it would have been better to bump Cole one more day back, to face the Mets.

I feel that just like the Yankees last weekend, the Phillies are not throwing their best at the Mets, and as the Phillies are concerned, they still fear the Mets, no matter what the standings show.

Now onto the actually series match-ups.

Game One

The reason that my game one match-up will be short and sweet is because A. Johan Santana is on the mound for the Mets, and B. the Phillies are not throwing a real challenge on the board.

After sending Brett Meyers down to AAA, the Phillies will be sending either another AAA pitcher or bullpenner Chad Durbin to the mound.

Either of these choices should be completely over-matched against Johan. He is coming off of a very shaky start, and will have something to prove against the division rivals.

This also furthers my opinion that the Phillies should be throwing Cole Hammels, but if they want to hand over a victory, I won't complain.

Game Two

Game Two features an interesting match-up of old against new. The Phillies will send 63 year old Jamie Moyer to the mound. This season in two starts against the Mets he is 1-1 with two Strikeouts. Over those two starts he pitched 12 innings and gave up four runs.

Jamie Moyer will now be facing a Mets team whose bats are just beginning to heat up. With the floaters that Moyer throws, the Mets should have a field day.

John Maine will pitch for the Mets. He is coming off of his worst outing of the season but before that has been very good.

A very overlooked fact about John Maine is his record against the key division rival. In fact he is so good, that he has never lost to the Phillies!

Over seven career starts he is 4-0 with a 2.05 ERA. In 44 innings he has struck out 23. He should go out and pitch very well against the Phillies, as he always does.

This game should mark the 2nd win of the series for the Mets.


Sunday will feature a match-up of two very up and down starters.

The Phillies will be pitching Kyle Kendrick. Kendrick has only one start this year against the Mets. It did not go very well for him. In 2.1 innings, seven runs were scored, only one was earned.

The only thing this tells you, is that if the Phillies can play good defense, they might have a chance.

Going against Kendrick is Oliver Perez. If the only games you ever watched of Oliver were against the Mets then you would assume he was the next Jim Palmer.

Fortunately for every other team, he rides a roller coaster when he is not in the Bronx. The problem for the Phillies is that Perez pitches almost as good against the Phillies as he is against the Yankees (at least this year).

This year in 11.1 innings Perez is yet to give up a run against the Phillies. He has struck out nine but also walked eight. That is the stat the Perez has to watch. In order to be successful he needs to keep the walks down.

My Predictions

Johan Defeats whoever the Phillies throw in Game One

John Maine and Oliver Perez continue their Phillies dominance and the Mets sweep the series, and pull very close in the division.