Expansion and Raids Turning College Football Upside Down

David HedlindAnalyst IIFebruary 11, 2010


Everyone everywhere is talking about it.


Well everyone has their ideas about it and I am no different. The following is what my ideal would be.

Starting in the west, the Pac 10 goes with BYU and Utah. I know all the arguments against BYU and the LDS and how the market is shared, but they really are the best fit when it comes down to it.

Here is how I would divide it.




Oregon State



Washington State



Arizona State





The conference championship game would be held at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

Now that the Mountain West lost two schools they not only look to replace but also expand themselves.

To replace BYU and Utah they bring in Boise State, Fresno State and Nevada from the WAC. This would bring the total to 10. They then turn the other direction and bring over Houston and Tulsa from Conference USA.

The new divisions for the Mountain West are also North and South.


Air Force

Boise State

Colorado State

Fresno State





New Mexico

San Diego State




The conference championship game could be held at Mile High or University of Phoenix stadium.

A quick jump up north to the Big 10 where they add Pitt. To be honest I lose track of all the rivalry games so maybe this wouldn’t work exactly this way but just to have something, here we go.

I thought about East/West but it seemed one sided so again I go with North and South.




Michigan State







Ohio State

Penn State



The Big 10, or whatever they change the name to, could have their championship game at any number of places in the region, so take your pick.

The Big East finally realized they need to separate the football schools and the non-football members. To maintain a strong basketball side they pick up Memphis right away.

Notre Dame also realizes they are being left behind as an independent. I am sure this will spark all kinds of arguments but really take a look and you will see Notre Dame as an independent now is not the same as it used to be. Notre Dame joins as a full member and to bring it to 10, Southern Miss is also added.

Now that Conference USA has been raided and lost four teams they look to add some to maintain their conference championship game. Louisiana Tech is added out of the WAC. Location just makes far more sense and travel costs were just too much. Troy, Middle Tennessee and North Texas all join as well.

Troy and Middle Tennessee join the East while Louisiana Tech and North Texas go to the West. My honest opinion is that the East looks stronger than before and stronger than the West.

The Sun Belt is left with Arkansas State, FAU, FIU, Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana Monroe, and Western Kentucky. There is a future plan already in progress for South Alabama to move up to FBS level within the next few years. The Sun Belt has typically been a stepping stone conference for teams making the FCS to FBS transition.

The WAC, at this point, is left with Hawaii, Idaho, New Mexico State, San Jose State, and Utah State. I think they basically become the Sun Belt of the west. They swoop down and pick up Texas State and Texas San Antonio as they make the transition to the FBS level over the next five years. Cal Poly and Montana have also toyed with the idea of moving up and if either or both do then the WAC is likely where they would land.

There you have it, a not even remotely simple what if scenario of expansion, conference raids and restructuring as I see it.