My Review For This Week's TNA

KRiZZContributor IIFebruary 11, 2010

       Ok either TNA is replaying their January 14 edition of TNA every week or im having De-cha-vu.  I'm seeing the same thing every week, people trying to sneak in the TNA building, random matches that include those whom have nothing to do with each other.  I'm nothing similar to the guys who bash TNA or bash WWE, they compare the two but I try my best to speak my opinion without comparing the two.

        We've got TNA hyping Hulk Hogan(still).  Sean Waltman & Scott Hall try to sneak in, which is like exactly what happend January 4th.  Their losing creativity as we speak.  Speaking of creativity, um, was I the only one who noticed Samoa Joe trying to be like a UFC fighter with the "submission" shirt that resembled alot to a UFC "tapout" shirt.  A.J. comes out in this suit and glasses that were to big for his face, Flair grabbed the mic from him & it got worst...The funny part is A.J. is a horrible heel.  People were confused & didn't know if they were suppose to cheer or not.  A.J. ran in & got owned then Ric Flair snook up behind Samoa Joe & low blow-ed him, for some reason Samoa Joe started rolling around the ring.  Eric confronts Styles backstage & Styles has to face Joe at Against All Odds, haha but Bischoff is the ref(fail).

          I laughed as hard as I could when I figured this out, it proves my point in "random matches" we've got Abyss vs. Foley(again).  I'm so freaking confused, Kurt Angle already had a match & Hogan tells him  " You better get in that ring". That leads to my confusion about "The Band", "The Band" was trying to sneak in TNA, & Hogan tells Angle "The Band is coming".  So much confusion with "The Band" & I guess TNA can't find anything to do with them.  "The Band" comes in & attacks as you'd expect.  The funny part? Angle hits Hall and Hall falls down & his leg accidentally gets caught in the ropes.  Then Hogan turns heel by showing that he's siding with "The Band".  He then get the brass knuckles & hits Hall with it turning back face. One question... where is Nash? Anyways it then turns off & I get a snack & watch the replay of WWE Superstars...