The Detroit Lions Need To Pounce on Reggie Bush

Ray StoneCorrespondent IApril 2, 2017

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images


The New Orleans Saints, looking to trim salary, might be letting go of running back Reggie Bush

If the Lions organization wants to show their fans their dedication to turn things around, they need to sign him. 

While Bush is not a workhorse every down back, he brings an exciting set of skills to the field that could help the Lions. 

Plus Reggie adds a superstar quality that Detroit will certainly appreciate as well.  Signing him alone could bring the end of the local blackouts!

He is an accomplished receiver, hauling in 88 passes in his rookie year.  During this season’s Who Dat nation run, Bush was praised for running hard and finishing plays. 

These young Lions need enthusiasm!  He would be a perfect dump-off receiver for Stafford while teams are busy doubling CJ downfield. 

Bush is versatile enough to lineup in the slot or wide out. 

Detroit could even consider using him in a type of Wildcat formation possibly.  It would be wise to get the most out the money they would have to spend for him.

The Lions return game desperately needs some fireworks and Bush is a firecracker! 

Kevin Smith is the kind of back that you like, but don’t necessarily love.  He played tough through some injuries and showed some flashes last year, but no real big play ability.

Why not bring in a versatile big play guy to bolster the offense and give young Stafford another weapon?  Smith definitely showed enough to be a part of a rotation.  That would make the backfield an area of strength suddenly.  

But why would Bush come to a team as terrible as the Lions?

Money first off.  The Lions have to spend to get him.

Beyond that, perhaps coming to the home of the great Barry Sanders (and Billy Sims) might entice Reggie Bush, who has not yet become the superstar he was once expected to be.

He can’t be afraid of the team's ugly past.  In New Orleans, Bush has seen a team’s rebuilding project can be successful.  Going to a team and a city that is struggling would be nothing new to him.    

If he can be bought into the Lions new attitude, his optimism could help lift this franchise from the dead.

It is good idea to add proven winners to this locker room.  Coupling Reggie Bush with Matt Stafford gives the Lions two fiery young winners in the backfield, with the right kind of attitude and work ethic to build around. 

I will be watching that ESPN ticker for any news of Bush being cut by the Saints.  If he gets loose, the Lions should definitely pounce on him!