How The Undertaker Can Lose at Wrestlemania Without Killing the Streak

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIFebruary 11, 2010

For 20 years "The Phenom", The Undertaker, has graced the WWE. In his time, he has won numerous titles and has become a legend. He is also the most respected man in the WWE locker room. Why?

Because he puts the business before himself. This is why he claims that if Vince McMahon wanted to kill the one thing that separates The Undertaker from any pro-wrestler of all-time in "The Streak", he would do it.

The Streak has become a legend of it's own, dating back to Wrestlemania 7, The Undertaker has won at every Wrestlemania he has competed in. Making him an unprecedented 17-0 at the biggest pro-wrestling event of the year.

Last year, he had probably one of the best matches of all time with Shawn Michaels, who is not a bad performer at Wrestlemania himself. Michaels is called Mr. Wrestlemania, but many don't understand why that is, since Michaels has not won at every Mania he has competed in.

The reason why he is called Mr. Wrestlemania is not because he won every match, but because he had the best match on the card. And this is something he has done at every single Wrestlemania, just like The Undertaker has done with his winning streak.

Putting the two together was only natural, which is why the WWE did it last year. Also, the fans really wanted to see it, too. The IWC hates on Vinny Mac a lot for not giving us what we want, but last year, he did. And not to mention, we saw one of the best matches of all-time because of it.

But this year, he wants to put the two together again. However, the fans aren't behind it as much as they were last year. The WWE obviously wants a repeat of the greatness at Wrestlemania 25, but can Taker and Michaels live up to what they did then?

The two are both another year older and both of their bodies are deteriorating. Last year, we all thought we'd see the two give us a good match, but never predicted it would have been as good as it was. The fact that both were in their 40s and were clearly not what they were in the '90s really lowered our expectations. However, they ended up doing well.

But this year, the WWE has to pick it up another notch with these two. It would be almost impossible to repeat the greatness from last year. So, the only thing they can do is have The Undertaker lose.

However, you cannot have Taker lose because of the backlash of the WWE Universe. The fans want to see Taker stay undefeated, well, most do anyway.

So how can we give them the best of both worlds? In my opinion, two things could happen.

There is a match called Three Stages of Hell and another called Best Out of Three Falls.

The Three Stages of Hell are exactly like the Best Out of Three Galls, where the winner has to get two pin fall or submission victories. The thing about the Three Stages of Hell is that it is usually three gimmick matches.

You could easily have The Undertaker pinned at Wrestlemania for the first time by Michaels, giving him the chance to say that he was the only one to pin Taker at Mania. But, you could have The Undertaker get two pin fall or submission victories to win the match, therefore keeping "The Streak" alive.

It's the only way to give the fans the best of both worlds and pick things up a notch from the year before.

I for one don't see any other alternative other than not having a match with the two at all. But, who would Taker face other than Michaels?

It would leave Undertaker out because there is no realistic person for him to go up against. Michaels could probably face Triple H or somebody.

But what do you think? Should the WWE go with my idea of the Three Falls match or should we even see a match at all with the two?