Kyle Busch: Top Five Reasons People Love to Hate Him

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Kyle Busch: Top Five Reasons People Love to Hate Him

Like him or loathe him, Kyle Busch is arguably the best driver in NASCAR. He's the current leader in the standings by 64 points over Jeff Burton and 144 over Dale Jr.  He has by far won the most races and has the most top 10 finishes of anyone in the chase.

Yet somehow he manages to have his mother booed at pre-race introductions. So here are the top five reasons why people love to hate Kyle Busch.

1. He's Confident

Kyle Busch makes it no secret that he is one of the best in NASCAR. He does what he needs to do to win no matter the circumstance. Kyle welcomes the boos from the crowd and asks for more as he waves his hands in the air.

NASCAR's newly crowned bad boy is not out to make friends, but to win races plain and simple.

2. His Attitude

When Kyle doesn't like something he will be the first to let you know it. There are no two ways about it—NASCAR's Sprint Cup leader speaks his mind. Whether telling his crew chief about a lackluster pit, or telling the interviewers exactly what he thinks of other drivers good or bad. It is in fact "Kyle's way or the highway."

3. His Aggressiveness

It's hard to win races without being aggressive and Kyle has no lack of bravado. He doesn't shy away from competition and will do what it takes to get out in front.

Whether it be a fellow teammate or his own brother, Kyle does not back down until he sees the checkered flag. I don't think any driver believes more strongly in the saying, "If you're not first you're last."

4. He Has Wrecked Nascar's Most Popular Drivers

It doesn't help matters when you accidentally take out NASCAR's most popular driver (Dale Jr.) three laps before the finish. I'm sure that just about every single No. 88 fan dislikes Kyle Busch.

Pablo Montoya made it very clear last week at New Hampshire that Kyle "crossed the line." He must have felt pretty strongly to spin him out under caution.

Be that as it may, Kyle doesn't apologize and this drives people absolutely crazy.

5. People Love to Hate the Best

With all that said, Kyle Busch is still the No. 1 driver in NASCAR. People hated the undefeated Patriots, people hate Kobe Bryant, and no doubt about it the majority of NASCAR fans hate Busch.

The reasons people hate Busch are the same reasons people like him. One thing's for sure, he makes NASCAR that much more entertaining week in and week out.

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