15 Reasons Why The Mets Will Not Win This Year

Will ShafferCorrespondent IJuly 2, 2008

In case you missed the title, I feel there's at least 15 good reasons why the Mets will not win anything this year.

#15. John Maine leads the starting rotation in wins with 8.

#14. Johan Santana has gotten poor run support, leading to a 7-7 record despite a 3.01 era. This will continue- keep watching.

#13. Pedro Martinez needs to acknowledge his career is probably over, he'll never be healthy enough to pitch for an extended period of time ever again. How long will it take for him to hurt himself this time?

#12. Mike Pelfrey- too many walks, too many hits, too many runs given up on a team that doesn't score enough runs.

#11. Oliver Perez- is it me? or when Perez does well it often seems it's because the other team can't hit today? Lucky Oliver... when will you stop walking so many batters.

#10. Carlos Delgado- he can crush the ball out of the park once per every 25 strikeouts.

#9. Carlos Beltran- the most overpaid over-rated player in baseball if you ask me. An average of 17 million a year for a guy who hits under .300 and only hit 40 home runs once his entire career. Astonishing what Scott Boras can do.

#8. Jose Reyes- one of the few good players the Mets has reached the pinnacle of his career a year and a half ago- now he wanders around trying to stay healthy and figure out how to be that good again.

#7. Luis Castillo- not the same he was on that Marlins team that won the world series five years ago. Need more offense from second base.

#6. Brian Schneider- sure he's great defensively, but he hits only slightly better than a pitcher. You need a good hitter at every position if you expect to compete with AL clubs in the World Series.

#5. Moises Alou- or a lack thereof due to injury.

#4. Billy Wagner- five blown saves and a 1.85 era, classic case of Jekyll or Hyde- fans must hold hands and close eyes when he pitches against the Phillies.

#3. David Wright- being the best player on a mediocre team can be stressful, so he's not performing to his capabilities right now either.

#2. Willie Randolf- what really happened between the players and their skipper?

#1. The managerial switch- any manager who claims to be a "gangsta" I'm down with, but I doubt he'll be able to get this mediocre club to overachieve the same way Randolf did back in 06.