Major League Baseball Top Eight Disappointments: Numbers Eight Thru Six Part 2

nick bowenCorrespondent IJuly 2, 2008

Getting off my other list only three teams are show. Now the other five are coming p on this list. Here they are.


5) Colorado Rockies:

What many people are thinking is "well it's obvious the Rockies wouldn't be playing at a very high level." Well for most of that, you're wrong.

Many people picked the Rockies to win in the NL West, and even though they still have a surprisingly good chance at winning the West, the most disappointing part of this matter is that the same players that won 21 out of 22 or something like that a year ago are under performing.

Drastically. We all know Todd Helton is up there in age, but this guy's home runs are going down every year. Jeff Francis, a 17 game-winner last year, is struggling and Matt Holiday is not hitting with as much power as he can. All of these issues must be fixed, or else you might see some players on the trade block or released.

4) Cleveland Indians:

For a team that was in the championship game up three games to one over the Boston Red Sox, a team that could almost taste the World Series, is under performing. Their top pitcher and defending Cy Young winner CC Sabathia has a losing, with a mark of 6-8, and his ERA is 3.78.

He's also on the trading block, and could get shipped to New York. Even worse is Fausto Carmona, who is injured. Even up to the point of the injury, he was under performing with a record of 4-3. These Indians better get things together fast, or else a firesale is sure to come.

3) New York Yankees:

The Yankees have a winning record, but have been up-and-down. They had a shitty start, a seven-game win streak, a shitty road trip. What the Yankees need to do to get back in the race for the AL East (7-and-a-half back) is win 15 straight games, so Tampa and Boston can go into a mini-slump.

When the Yankees did win seven straight, both Boston and Tampa went 7-3 compared to New York's 8-2. These Yankees young guns and older players better put the season back in place, or else the Yankees post-season appearance streak of nine will in fact be over

2) New York Mets:

For a team that has David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, and Jose Reyes this team has to be the most under performing team in the league. There's one exception: Johan Santana.

Thats right. If anyones say Santana is under performing think again. His 7-7 record is the Mets fault, because a guy with an 2.91 ERA a week ago should actually be 13 and 1.

In just about every loss this year for Santana, the Mets score a run or less. This team was chosen by many to make it to the World Series, and possibly win it, but all that has changed at 41-42.

1) Detroit Tigers:

The Detroit Tigers weren't a pick to win the World Series. They were the pick. Now they have been hot, but are in third place in the Central after acquiring Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera from the Marlins .

While Willis is in Single-A ball, Cabrera is slightly declining. Now, Magglio Ordonez is on the disabled list. Also, Justin Verlander has been disappointing. Now, the Tigers need to start thinking about the future.