What Does Vince McMahon Have Against Bret Hart?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2010

Okay wrestling fans, I'm not going to beat around the bush, but, here is my question. Why is Vince McMahon taunting and playing games with Bret the "Hitman Hart?"

What is the purpose? is it over an incident that happened 12 years ago? What Bret did to Vinnie back then, was justified.

McMahon screwed over Bret and Bret retaliated. Can't blame him for that. Not his fault McMahon did what he did.

There was a championship match which involved Hart and Shawn Michaels. Shawn had Bret in a Boston Crab and McMahon told the bell keeper to ring the bell. For what?

McMahon didn't like Bret anyways and wanted to screw him over and he did just that. Hart was in disbelief and when he saw Vince by the ropes, he spit in Vinnie's face.

Shawn and Bret were enemies after that. And it was all McMahon's fault. Did Shawn know that the chairman of the board was going to screw Bret over?

That was 12 years ago and Bret Hart has come back to the WWE as a host and as a person that wanted to get closure with Michaels and McMahon.

So about a month ago, Bret stepped into the WWE ring and called Shawn Michaels out. They talked, made up and Bret had his closure with him.

Now as for Vince, it wasn't that easy. In fact, McMahon pretended to be okay with the idea of letting bygones be bygones. He had Bret thinking that everything was alright and it was water under the bridge.

As we all know, Vinnie lies through his teeth, is vengeful, can be intelligent at times, has a number one show twice a week, but—yes, there's a but—he can be such a damn idiot.

I say this because, somewhere down the line, he is going to get his ass kicked for treating certain superstars like Bret Hart, with disrespect and humiliates them in front of their fans on national tv.

Bret was just trying to do the right thing. John Cena comes out to the ring and tries to  talk some sense into the thick skull that is resting on the neck and shoulders of McMahon.

When he kicked Bret in the gut or nuts (there's some debate on which one it was) and said that he deserves to be screwed over.

Is McMahon jealous of Bret for some reason? If so, what is that reason?

After getting kicked, two weeks later, Bret had the chance to get some retribution when he had McMahon in the ring alone, only to have Batista come out to Vinnie's rescue, but he did get some good licks in.

Now on this last visit, Bret did beat on him, and did some damage to the security guards, who came out with Vince to protect him. What a coward.

Bret was livid as he went to chase Vince. He tore up the announcer's table, knocked over lights, threw other objects around. Now Bret is going to want to get more retribution.

You do have to admit, McMahon does get his show high ratings. Again that has nothing to do with the situation between McMahon and Bret.

McMahon just likes to show off his power. He has to control everyone and everything around him, but there's a handful of superstars that he can't control and one of them is Bret Hart.

Rumors have it that Bret will be gm of WWE's new Tuesday night show that will be taking the place of ECW, NXT. Will this come to pass? Or is it just rumors? Would Bret even be interested in working for Vince McMahon again?

Only time will tell. Just stay tuned and watch RAW.