Formula 1: Mark Webber Believes The Classic Tracks Should Stay.

James DunfordCorrespondent IJuly 2, 2008

Mark Webber has spoken out about the threats that surround the future of the British GP.

The British GP, and other classic tracks like Spa and Monza need to stay on the calender for the sake of the sport he believes. There is constant speculation that the GP's future is not safe.

With the growing wealth in middle eastern countries, India and China (Where there is already a race) the classic tracks which formed the basis of the Formula 1 championship we know today may not be around for much longer, Bernie only seems to be interested in money, as usual!

"Silverstone has a special place in my heart and I always look forward to the British Grand Prix," Webber wrote in his BBC column. "It has been a pretty good track for me over the years and I have a lot of good memories there. It is definitely my second home race after Melbourne. It is made even more special by the history of the place and the fact that so many teams are based here in the UK.

"The popularity of Formula One here never fails to amaze me - the number of people who came to the test we had there last week just blows you away. If the weather is nice, the Grand Prix itself is a very good sporting event - although it would be even better if they could sort out the politics and get things like touring cars and F3 back as support races. It was awesome when they were both on the same bill a few years back.

"It is a shame there is always a discussion about the race's place on the calendar. I would like us to keep as many of those trademark venues as we can. Silverstone comes in for a lot of criticism but it is one of the better venues at the moment, if not the best. We do need to go with the flow - and go where the sport needs to be to grown - but we have already lost Imola, Suzuka and some others. And we cannot afford to lose Silverstone, Monza, Spa, circuits like that.

"We need a British Grand Prix because of the history that surrounds it and the industry that supports it. It is so deep-rooted. I am not that bothered about the venue but Silverstone is probably the best place to have it."

We have already lost Imola, and Indianapolis, so we really do not want to lose any more, the new tracks may have better facilities but they lack the heart and sole that has built the sport to how we know it today.

So how do you think Bernie should be selecting the tracks that feature in the F1 calendar? Just what should he take into consideration? Discuss...

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