WWE Network: The Once-Cool Fantasy Looks Like It Could Now Become A Reality

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIFebruary 10, 2010

The WWE is at the top of all promotions in the wrestling world. It's the most popular one, and could be the most successful of all time.

People who are WWE haters would love to say the WWE is going to go down one day, but with such a massive fanbase, that's highly unlikely.

Because the WWE is so successful, the company has been able to dabble into other things outside of the wrestling world.

They made WWE Films, a place where they make movies with WWE Superstars. And let's just be clear, Hollywood realizes the power of the WWE and how much of a fanbase it has.

This is why many actors out there want to be involved in a WWE Films project.

We see a lot of action films from the WWE, but, that is going to change in 2010. Family comedies are going to come out, and dramas.

Action films are great for the WWE fan who is used to seeing a WWE Superstar kick butt in the ring, but from a Film standpoint, you don't want to have a one-dimensional company.

In any case, the WWE has realized success in so many areas. But the one thing Vince McMahon has yet to do is dominate cable. He has been in talks about getting a WWE Network out there for years now, but has yet to do so.

Now, it looks like that dream of Vinny Mac's could become a reality.

The WWE hired something called a "part time logger." This person will help digitalize their video library.

For people who know about the TV industry, you know that there has to be enough content to put on TV, otherwise the network will never work out. The WWE owns a ton of hours of footage from WCW, WCCW, and a ton of others. On top of that, it has it's own footage dating back over 30 years.

Sources state that once the video is through logging and the archives are complete digitalized, the WWE could run a channel at any point they wished. And the best part about it is that they could do it with a small staff.

It saves money, and then helps to gain it.

Now comes the hard part. Who will pick up the channel?

According to what I've heard, cable and satellite companies have an interest. This includes the huge DirectTV and Dish Network.

The WWE has managed to get into over 140 countries and is available in, I believe, 19 languages. Because these places have the WWE in their homes already, cable and satellite companies would be more than happy to allow the WWE to make money for them.

The WWE has one of the best media staffs out there. This included Shane McMahon before he left at the beginning of the year to do his own thing. It is said that Shane O'Mac just wants to do his own thing and has nothing to with hatred toward his father like what is rumored.

He and his wife also own a film company, it's likely they could put some "made for TV" films out on WWE Network.

The same could be done with WWE Films. They would love to do theatrical releases. But, if the channel is available in big markets, making a movie for TV rather than doing a straight-to-DVD film would be good.

It could easily go on DVD later of course, but putting it in TV first would be a nice money maker.

You've also got the idea of doing a reality show. This is something the WWE has been wanting to do for some time.

The WWE cannot do everything they want because they have to get permission from a network to do so. They also cannot make numerous shows for other networks either, but if they have their own, then they can do as they wish.

Right now, they are doing things on WWE.com. But, even though the WWE does get a good amount of hits a day, it is said that not all the fans watch the usually lagging original shows there. Having it on TV is far better.

There is a ton of great things the WWE can do with their own network. And I'm sure they have things planned.

I know I am going to get a lot of questions about this, so I'll say it now. There is no specific timetable on when the WWE will have it's own cable network out there. Mainly because they still have to get picked up.

It's said that they have already spoken with companies, of which I am not sure. I've been hearing Dish and a few others, but that is not confirmed. So, don't quote me.

It all depends on when everything is digitalized. But, I could potentially see the WWE having a network out there by the end of 2010, maybe early 2011.

It's likely the WWE will get into many countries with their network, and it's also likely they could be on a regular cable plan outside of the premium. That means you won't have to upgrade your package to get it.

This would be HUGE for the WWE because when you are outside a premium package you get far more views than those on it.

Your sports channels like MLB and NBA Network are on these "sports packages." You have to buy these, even if you have a high cable package. DirecTV has them for a nice cheap price. But, it packs up over time, so many do not go for it.

The WWE wants to stay outside the sports and premium packages, which they probably know. It may be tough for them to do as a new network, but because the WWE is so popular, it's likely that they could realistically do that. Especially if these companies know they will make good money and get people to watch.

But what do you think? Would you want to see a WWE Channel?


partial source: pwinsider.com