College Football Talking Points: Expansion, Impact Players, Recruiting

Gary BrownCorrespondent IIFebruary 10, 2010

Our job at College Sports Matchups is to make sure you stay in the know so you can “WOW” your friends with incredible displays of college football knowledge. We may be in between recruiting season and spring training, but that only means it is more important than ever than you know what the key talking points are in college football. Here you have what you need to know.


What will happen with conference expansion?

With the recent news that the Pac-10 might decide to add new schools, the topic of conference expansion is back on the front page for college football. Obviously, there will be an impact on basketball as well, but with the current NCAA tournament format, it is not as big an issue.

If the Big Ten, Pac-10, and Big 12 make moves to grow it, will greatly impact the calls for a playoff as conference championship games essentially become the first round.

Will conference expansion occur? Given the dollars involved for the conference, current members and schools looking to upgrade the answer seems pretty clear. Will it be good for college football? Based on what we have seen from the SEC, Big 12, and ACC, we think so.

Here are the best case possibilities for additions to each conference.

Big Ten

  • Missouri- Quietly hoping the opportunity comes. TCU would fill their void well in the Big 12.
  • Rutgers- Does not upset natural recruiting boundaries and delivers broader (if possible) television exposure.
  • Pitt- Think Penn State would like this? It would make good sense for all involved except the Big East.
  • Cincinnati- Count on Ohio State to scream loud and long over this possibility.
  • Syracuse- Not much help in football, but a proven basketball powerhouse.
  • Notre Dame- When will the Irish join a conference? Now would be smart. Teams will look to play Irish less and less if they have to go through a tough conference gauntlet when Notre Dame does not. Don’t count on Notre Dame making the smart play here.


  • Boise State- A chance to see just how well the blue field team does when playing solid competition, well, Pac -10 competition,  on a consistent basis.
  • Utah- Will this cause the Utah congressional delegation to back off their push for a playoff? On principle, no. In reality, it will. Remember, we are talking about politicians.
  • BYU- Given their history, they are more deserving than the first two listed.
  • Colorado- Will west coast teams really want to travel to the mountains and play in snow in October? Doubt it.


Who will make an impact as a freshman next season?

Recruiting is over. Thankfully and not really. It never ends. Never. Enough of that for now. The class of 2010 is signed and ready to make their impact on the college football world. Which players will have the greatest impact when they arrive on campus next fall? Here are some names to know.

  • Owamagbe Odighizuwa, UCLA, DE -We really wanted to leave this stud off the list because there is a 50/50 chance we will misspell this name. Can’t do it though. He has great speed and will be able to help UCLA generate a pass rush in the pass happy Pac-10
  • Kyle Prater, USC, WR -The downside is we can only call his speed adequate. Here is what is exciting about Prater. He is a big, physical, leaping receiver. He will be a big help to Matt Barkley at USC as a real go to guy.
  • Shariff Floyd, Florida, DT -Floyd weighs in at 310 pounds, and has a motor that keeps going. He will be in the Florida defensive front rotation.
  • DeMarcus Milliner, Alabama, DB -The Tide lost Keenan Allen on signing day, but Milliner may be even better. His opportunity to play quickly will come right away with the loss of talent on defense for Bama.
  • Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina, RB -His final choice came down to Auburn and the Gamecocks. Auburn will boast a quality running back in Michael Dyer, but we believe Lattimore will have more opportunities to shine next year. He better learn to run behind his pads in the tough SEC.


Assistant coaches on the rise

Recruiting is the lifeblood of college football. Here are some guys from conferences outside the big six that have shown an ability to recruit. When your school starts filling slots next year, don’t despair if you hear one of these names added to your staff.

  • Pat Meyer, Colorado State -This former strength and conditioning coach now leads the offensive line for the Rams. He has coached at N.C. State, Memphis and Florida State.
  • Barney Farrar, Southern Miss -Farrar battled throat cancer in 2008, but was back 100 percent with the Golden Eagles this past season. He coaches tight ends for Southern and his resume’ includes time at Clemson and Iowa State.
  • David Kelly, Central Florida -Duke, Stanford and Georgia Tech have been stops so far in Kelly’s career. Besides coaching wide receivers, Kelly also carries the assistant head coach title for the Knights.


Last call for recruiting today

Which teams have an early start for the class of 2011? Below you will find an early list, but remember, in college athletics commitment does not mean what it does in most of the world. Our list comes from MaxPreps.

  1. LSU
  2. Clemson
  3. Florida State
  4. Stanford
  5. Alabama

This just means these schools have a handful of players who have made a commitment. Don’t start thinking national title just yet based on these players.


There you have it. Items to help you do your part in keeping the college football conversation going. Don’t let it end.


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