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OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 13:  Jermaine O'Neal #7 of the Miami Heat celebrates with teammate Dwyane Wade #3  during an NBA game against the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena on January 13, 2010 in Oakland, California.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
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Dwyane Wade will play in Miami until he retires.  This is not my opinion... It's a FACT.  Dwyane loves playing for Miami (incidentally the team he won his one and only championship with!), he loves the American Airlines Arena (HIS HOUSE!), and most importantly Dwyane Wade LOVES Pat Riley and owner Mickey Aronson, they have always treated him right and Wade is a spiritual and honest down to earth guy who definitely doesn’t take this fact for granted.  I know what some of you are going to say, “how is this treating Wade fair???  He has no-one in Miami and they aren’t doing anything for Wade!”  I have one thing to say to you all… Patience is a virtue…  Now that we've gotten this predicament out of the way, let's move on shall we?


The odds of Miami keeping Dwyane Wade and signing a big name player in the offseason are about 99.9%, the other .1% is margin of error.  I still think, however, that a trade can be made in the Heat’s favor before the deadline.  There are a SLUE of decent players who are in the trade rumor conversation.  One name, which is quite intriguing to me, is Jose Calderon.  I think a player of his caliber could raise the Heat’s potential to new heights in an otherwise up and down season.  What the Heat is truly missing is a point guard who can really see the floor.  Sure Wade can run the point, but this takes away from his awesome ability to cut, drive and slash to the rim!  This is where a point guard with vision comes in.  A guy like Calderon, Ramon Sessions or even a young buck who has the talent to be HUGE like D.J. Augustine or Jerryd Bayless would suffice (Although wouldn't that kindof be like taking on another Mario Chalmers?).  Taking on a small to mid-sized contract might not be a bad idea at this point.  Trade Daequan Cook... Anyone???  EVERYONE??? 


I know we’ve all heard the rumors that Dorell Wright will be traded to get under the luxury tax.  I don’t know about you all but I’m hoping that the Miami Heat sucks it up for this kid.  Wright is a true diamond in the ruff.  His work ethic and talent are finally showing after all those years of development and injury and NOW to get under the luxury tax the Heat is going to let him go!?!?!??!?  I’m sorry but this would be a travesty.  I think an argument for Dorell to start can even be in play after last game.  Wright connected on 7 assists in about the first 10-15 minutes on the floor (could Wright be that guy who can see the floor if given the minutes?)!  Wright is a versatility monster and can play virtually any position on the floor, although undersized for the Center position.  Wright finished with 9 Pts, 6 Rebs, 7 Asts, a steal and most importantly a big goose egg (0) in the turnovers department.  If I'm Erik Spoelstra at this point, I start Wright and bench Quintin Richardson and see how it goes.  I know the Heat have tried starting Wright before, but I say we give it one more go before letting this talent jump ship.  Since Dorell came into the league from high school in 2004-05 he has been Pat Riley's lottery pet project.  Letting go of Wright would be like training a person for a big show and then giving him to another trainer on the day of the show, THIS IS THE TIME FOR WRIGHT’S SHOW RILEY!  LET WRIGHT SHINE! 


Another route the Heat could go would be to go out and get Amare RIGHT NOW!  However, this is a ‘jump the gun” scenario and may upset future plans for the Heat.  The Suns would surely want Beasley in a trade scenario and that my friends could be a disaster.  To give up an amazing talent like Beasley would be a horrible mistake the Heat would regret forever, however, it is Amare we are talking about... The guy is very alluring.  The only problem is what if Miami gives up Beasley and Amare decides to pack and leave this summer.  Miami just had the proverbial bomb blow up in it's face (although with Wade by his side, I can't picture Amare leaving).  With Beasley we have been shown many glimpses of what this kid can do and he is nothing short of amazing at times.  Imagine this kid along side Wade and Bosh or Wade and Stoudemire, WOW!  So unless the trade scenario with the Suns was only to get rid of Jermaine O’neal’s gigantic expiring contract and a draft pick, I think I'd pass.  But hey, Amare could be a real option here and he is a perennial all-star so who knows...  Roll the dice and sacrifice or don't and possibly pay the price, stay tuned, this rumor is just starting to heat up!


I really REALLY want Mario Chalmers to snap out of this horrible funk he has been in, but now with the injury, who knows when he will be ready to step in and actually step it up a notch.  Also, I like Skip (Rafer Alston), but he isn’t 2003-04 Skip…  He’s 09-10 Skip and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. 


I'm sorry but if you know the Heat, they ALWAYS have something up their sleeves.  Riley is a GENIUS and will make Wade a very happy man for years to come.  I think Dwyane knows this.  I also think that even if no trades transpire, Wade will let the next 30 games pass knowing that next year is the beginning of the rest of his life as a champion AND THOSE MY FRIENDS ARE THE COLD HARD FACTS.