The Fallout Power Rankings From The Superbowl

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 The Fallout Power Rankings From The Superbowl
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Here you go the top ten:

  1. Saints
  2. Colts
  3. Jets
  4. Packers
  5. Cowboys
  6. Ravens
  7. Chargers
  8. Patriots
  9. Steelers
  10. Texans

Any problems. I dont see why. all these teams have potential to be better than they were in 09'.

For example the Texans, they have a young core that is ready to hit their prime. The Steelers should be able to return to form, and Pats well they have Brady and As long as they have him they will always be a top ten team.

Now 11-32.

11.  Titans

12.  Cardinals

13.  Falcons

14.  Vikings

15.  Eagles

16.  Jaguars

17.  Bengals

18.  Redskins

19.  Bears

20.  49ers

21.  Dolphins

22.  Broncos

23.  Panthers

24.  Raiders

25.  Chiefs

26.  Bills

27.  Browns

28. Seahawks

29. Bucs

30. Browns

31. Lions

32. Rams

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