Evaluation: Khairi Fortt- LB (PSU Commit)

Warren LentContributor IFebruary 9, 2010

Khairi Fortt-


As Penn State’s most celebrated prospect, I will be evaluating exactly what makes Khairi better than the rest of the linebackers in the nation.


From the first play on his game tape, Khairi impressed the most with his burst through the offensive line. He was able to get into the backfield and at the quarterback before he could even look downfield.


The tantalizing combination of quickness and strength helps make almost all of the plays Khairi is in on. Fortt possesses great instinct but in the plays that his instinct is wrong and leaves puts his body one step behind the runner.


This would be an issue for most inside linebackers, but Fortt just turns to another gear and gets right back on the play. Even though his duties at Penn State through the years will be mostly as in blitz package because of his superior play, he possesses the uncanny ability as an ILB to cover tight ends around the field and clog up the middle of the field for slot receivers.


In the very conservative play of the Big Ten, this characteristic will be essential to the success of both Fortt’s play but the Nittany Lions defense as a whole.


One of the most sought after traits colleges look for in a linebacker is the ability to be blocked, then in an instant, shed the block and make the quick tackle. This feature was used many times in this game film which impressed me the most.


Of course it helps to be a running back on the other side of the ball as well. If Khairi Fortt can work to his potential during his tenure at Penn State, there is no doubt that we will soon see him at the top of draft boards all over the country.


Grade: A